I think I'm out of my mind, thinking about time

This is my first extended exposure to Mountain Time, which is, by far, the most interesting of the U.S. time zones (I mean, assuming time zones can, in fact, be interesting, which is completely debatable).


At present, we are two hours behind those of you back home in Cleveland. At some point in March, this will change, and we will be three hours behind. At this rate of progression, by December, the good people of Arizona will be 12 hours behind Cleveland. Craziness.


Those of you who saw my oversized picture posting yesterday know I struggle a bit with photos (that little problem has been corrected below, thanks to reader Casey W.). And it just so happens I struggle with numbers, too. As a result, there's a math problem I'm trying to get my head around, and I'm looking for your assistance:


My girlfriend's coming to town the weekend of the daylight savings change. When she leaves Cleveland on a Thursday evening and flies to Phoenix, she will gain two hours. The time will change in Cleveland on Saturday night, jumping ahead an hour, but it will remain the same here. She will fly back to Cleveland on Monday and lose three hours.


Where does all this change leave her internal clock? An hour ahead? An hour behind? Exactly the same? I wouldn't be so confused if it weren't for that wrinkle in which the time remains the same here but changes there. How does that figure?


And this leads to another, much more advanced question. Is it possible, over the course of a lifetime, to gain an entire extra day of internal clock time, simply by jumping around time zones? In other words, could you live for, say, 30,000 calendar days, but your body clock actually ticks for 30,001 days?


I think I just blew my own mind -- and hopefully yours.


Now, let's try to regroup and talk about the Indians' first full-squad workout day.




  • A-Rod was, once again, the story of the day in baseball, but not necessarily here. I'm sure more guys would have watched A-Rod's press conference, but the huge televisions that hang in the clubhouse have already malfunctioned. A maintenance guy was working on them. "We forgot to pay our cable bill," one clubbie joked.
  • Cliff Lee, however, still managed to watch the presser in the lunch room, and he had some interesting things to say about the leaking of A-Rod's test results. Obviously, there's a lot of disappointment among the players that those results went public. I'll have a story on this on Indians.com shortly.
  • There is one quote I didn't use in that story, though. Lee said he and his teammates received a drug test when they took their physicals over the last few days, but they can be tested again at any time, without notice. "It's not like we can say, 'OK, that's over, let's go do some steroids now,'" Lee joked.
  • Today was the first full-squad workout... sort of. The last group of pitchers had to throw their final bullpen session, so they went to the back fields while the position players were on Fields 1 and 2, taking BP, working at their positions and running the bases. Tomorrow, the full squads will begin in earnest with some live BP, which is always fun to watch.
  • Wedge said the baserunning drills are a focus in camp this year, much in the same way controlling the running game became a focus a couple years ago. The Indians obviously don't have a great deal of team speed, so they hope to compensate for that by being smarter on the basepaths. Wedge wants them to be aggressive down here and find their comfort zone for straying off the bag without getting picked off.
  • Travis Hafner took batting practice in the cage, with Derek Shelton tossing to him and Wedge looking on. Still no word on when Pronk will join his teammates in live BP outdoors, but he's not considered to be too far behind the rest of the hitters.
  • Wedge said LHP David Huff has a legitimate chance of cracking the rotation, though he's obviously not seen much of him yet.
  • Not only did the TVs go out, but a fire alarm went off just as Wedge was about to meet with reporters. Hey, they're still working out the kinks here, all right?
  • The sun came out today. It was welcome.




My mind is officially blown… I was attempting to figure out the math question and then I read the thing about gaining a day and I officially can’t think now.

Hey Castrovince,
If you get the time in between basking in the Arizona sun,
could you possibly give us a run down of where to eat, what to do while in Goodyear. I imagine many of your loyal readers are heading down (as am I next Tuesday) and may need the helpful hints. I know those airplanes can be pretty exciting to stare at. I have heard the Olive Garden has an equsite menu…

Actually, cktribe, check out the Indians.com site later today. I’m posting an FAQ for those making the trek to Goodyear that should be somewhat helpful.

As far as where to eat is concerned, there are a bunch of chain restaurants in the city. Not much on the local side, though I’ve heard good things about Raul and Theresa’s — a mom-and-pop Mexican place not far from the facility.

I can understand the players being concerned that the results of the test were made public, but I wonder, were any of them concerned that A-Rod’s story changed again?


AC, don’t worry about your lady friend. She’ll be on the exact same internal clock as she was when she left Cleveland. She’s not going to be gone long enough for her to adjust to the time change.
It drives my parents nuts when I visit, because I sleep all morning because I’m still on West Coast time (and, also, I’m lazy).
The West Coast is the best coast for being a Tribe fan, though; most games start at four in the afternoon and are over before prime time. It’s perfect (unless your job blocks the internet).

In order to have 30,001 days you would need to begin your life in New Zealand or perhaps in the desolate part of eastern Russian. Than travel west over the course of you life and end just East of the International date line (Hawaii would be much nicer than the Bearing Straights). You would have lived for around 23 more hours than the calendar would say.

Furthermore the easiest way to answer the girlfriend hour ahead or behind question is take the Arizona trip out of the equation. She started in Cleveland, she will end in Cleveland so base it off that. She will be in losing an hour giving it is Spring and she will be an hour behind when she does return. This answer of course ignores whatever changes her bodily clock goes through while in AZ. I leave those answers to you.

It’s pretty simple…break up with your girlfriend. Haha.
When does Mark Teahen report to camp?

I’m pretty sure that the ‘no daylight savings time’ thing is specific to Arizona and not the entire mountain time zone. The rest of the mountain time zone observes DST.

Perhaps even more confusing, SOME Indian reservations in Arizona DO observe DST, which means that if you play your cards right, you might be able to stay out drinking an extra hour in some places.

However you look at it, it’s confusing.

Besides, AC, as a Bobcat you’re supposed to be rioting the night of daylight savings.

I think the better question is, AC, after fours years at OU closing town bars, 3am food runs and never waking up on time for class, where is your internal clock? Technically I suppose I should feel younger after all that, but I sure don’t.

I loved Cliff’s quote…

So when we come down to Goodyear from the SF Bay Area the weekend of March 14, we don’t have to worry about changing our watches.

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