Well now home entertainment was my baby's wish…

There’s apparently some big football game on TV on Sunday (though some of us are perhaps just as excited about the halftime show as we are about the action on the field). And there will be plenty of baseball games on your tube this summer.

The Indians announced today that all 162 regular-season games and seven Spring Training games will be broadcast in 2009. Every regular-season game will be broadcast in high-definition, which, as an added bonus, greatly improves your chances of seeing nose hairs.

SportsTime Ohio will televise 154 games, while WKYC Channel 3 will air 20. The new wrinkle this year is that the games broadcast on WKYC will be simulcast on STO.

National rightsholder Fox Sports has selected eight Tribe games for its ’09 slate — three home games (June 13 against the Cards, July 4 against the A’s and Sept. 5 against the Twins) and five away games (April 18 against the Yankees, May 2 against the Tigers, May 16 against the Rays, June 6 against the White Sox and Aug. 15 against the Twins).

You can check out the complete schedule here. Many of the game times are still yet to be announced.


There are now way more than 57 channels and still nothing on. I agree on the album- not the best and I hope it grows on me. Viva Italia in the WBC! for the sake of Sal. The schedule- I can work at the ball park on the 4th of July and still get home for fireworks. Keep up the good work on the Tribe.

The simulcast news is fantastic. I attend BGSU, who by the way beat OU, at OU last week, and we did not get WKYC Ch. 3 in Bowling Green. It was extremely annoying to miss the almost weekly Tribe game they put on Ch.3. I am delighted to read that I will be able to watch all 162 games in HD.


Go Bobcats. Oh, and go Tribe, too.

Almost baseball season… Time to order the baseball package for TV, Order the tickets for a series… So excited!!!

Do you have any knowledge as to whether the CW in Columbus (WWHO) will pick up some games as they did last year? They aren’t listed on the broadcast schedule and I don’t see anything on their site yet.

It was nice to get some games through the magic of my rabbit ears last season.

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