Excruciating Minutia from the Press Tour

The annual Press Tour is wrapping up tonight. This week is always a good time to pick up little nuggets of information from various sources -- from the front office to the manager to the players -- so I thought I'd share a few with you:


  • There is a chance -- albeit a slim one -- that Matt LaPorta, Michael Brantley or Trevor Crowe could win a big-league job out of camp. Again, though, it's slim, given that the Indians prefer to have those guys getting everyday at-bats in Triple-A. But it's become quite clear that David Dellucci is on a short leash this season. It also doesn't appear likely the Indians will carry five outfielders at the outset of the season.
  • And that brings me to my next point: Josh Barfield appears to be the odds-on favorite for that 25th roster spot. Luis Valbuena looks to be on track to be the starting second baseman at Triple-A, and Barfield keeps getting mentioned as a potential bench option in the big leagues. That's one reason Wedge wants to try Barfield in the outfield this spring, because added versatility would give the Indians added value in keeping him. I find it a tad suspicious that the Indians are suddenly so high on Barfield after Wedge seemed to do everything in his power not to play him last September.
  • Rafael Betancourt has, from my vantage point, never been in better shape. He's put on a ton of muscle.
  • Jensen Lewis, on the other hand, has never looked worse. But that's only because he shaved his head. Physically, he's fine.
  • Wedge hired former Tribe farmhand Dave Wallace to be the Tribe's new bullpen catcher, replacing Dennis Malave, who will be a coach with the Arizona League this summer. The Indians view this spot as a stepping-stone, of sorts. Wedge said Wallace has definite manager material.
  • As reported yesterday, I wouldn't expect Fausto Carmona to actually make it to the World Baseball Classic. Just doesn't make sense, given the time he missed last year.
  • Shapiro has tried to temper his excitement about Adam Miller and how well he threw in the Dominican, but it's pretty clear Miller is at or near the top of the totem pole, when it comes to winning that last spot in the bullpen. If he's healthy and throwing well in camp, it's hard to imagine the Indians using an option on him to send him to Triple-A. But we'll see.
  • The Indians will try to protect Shin-Soo Choo against some lefties, so they really want another right-handed bat in the outfield mix. That's part of the reason Mark DeRosa, Jamey Carroll, Ryan Garko and Barfield will all see time there in camp.
  • Brantley is as mature a 21-year-old as you'll ever meet.
  • No, I don't know how to get rid of all those extra bullets on the blank lines. Sorry.


I love it.

LOVE all the info. You rock!


What’s in line for Andy Marte? Will he be cut or are we going into the season with him? If we let him go, would that not open up another spot?

I believe what was the Marte spot is the one favored to go to Barfield.

By my count:

1. Martinez
2. Shoppach

3. Garko
4. Cabrera
5. De Rosa
6. Peralta
7. Carroll
8. Hafner

9. Sizemore
10. Choo
11. Francisco
12. Dellucci

13. Lee
14. Carmona
15. Pavano
16. Laffey
17. Reyes

18. Wood
19. Perez
20. Betancourt
21. Lewis
22. Smith
23. Kobayashi
24. Miller

which leaves one spot for Barfield or Marte (or someone else).

Magrathean, that’s what I figured, too, right down to the bullpen.

My only change would be the rotation, and it’s something I’ve noticed AC do as well: why no Scott Lewis?

When I think about the fifth starter, Lewis is the guy I figured to win that spot, considering how well he pitched when he got called up last season.

No word on Kerry Wood’s entrance music on the tour? I would think when he walks into EVERYTHING, including a press room, they should play it.

It seems like too many players are considering playing in the WBC when they are coming off injuries. I like the idea of the WBC but it does concern me.


So, you’re saying the odds are good that Betancourt’s going to be suspended again for using performance enhancing drugs this year?


Shift + Enter will create a blank line.

using Wordpad, create your bullet list, don’t use Enter to create blank lines. After you have your bullet list. Go to
end of each bullet line and Shift+Enter

or another way ……………………….

Create your 1st bullet item
Shift+Enter (will create blank line)
Hit Enter ( next bullet appears)

then type,
why is tribe schitzo on barfield

gimme a break garko OF

can we get a HR hitting OF

then highlight my message and you will see the control characters highlighted.

betancourt better not be juicing up, he’s already gotten suspended for that

“can we get a HR hitting OF”
Grady Sizemore 33 HR
Shin Soo Choo 14 HR in 94 games
Ben Fransisco 15 HR in 121 games

Uh…I think we have 3. If you throw the 50 or so games Choo would get in a full season and the 20 or so more that Fransisco would have gotten you have bother of these guys in the 20-30 range. Also remember that last season was essentially both of their rookie years. And their behavior towards Barfield is hardly radical; if he could hit any type of average above .250 he would have been starting all a long, he hit .243 in 07′ and .182 in 08′.

I don’t understand why people get down on Ryan Garko either! His 90 RBI were impressive to me considering he only hit 14 HR. That second half would be reason enough for be to be excited. If people in Cleve arn’t thrilled with him, I’d love to see him in San Francisco!

Your stuff is great! Such great info, good luck this year

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