Rockin' all over the world

A little late posting this, as I’ve been running around with the Press Tour today. But 14 members of the organization are on the provisional rosters for the World Baseball Classic. They are:

Rafael Betancourt (Venezuela)

Fausto Carmona (Dominican Republic)

Shin-Soo Choo (Korea)

Cirilo Cumberbatch (Panama)

Mark DeRosa (USA)

Damaso Espino (Panama)

Paolo Espino (Panama)

Masa Kobayashi (Japan)

Chen Lee (Chinese Taipei)

Jhonny Peralta (Dominican)

Rafael Perez (Dominican)

Grady Sizemore (USA)

Sung-Wei Tseng (Chinese Taipei)

Nicholas Weglarz (Canada)


Fausto needs to have as much preparation and instruction time with the Tribe as possible. I do not agree with anyone but Sizemore doing this. Fausto and Betancourt should be devoting all of there time to getting back to form, not the WBC.

Who knew we had such a strong presense of players from Panama in the organization!

Couldn’t agree more Wicky

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