Tribe signs Pavano

Looking to bolster their starting rotation depth, the Indians are taking a chance on Carl Pavano.

Pavano and the Indians have agreed to a one-year Major League deal that was to be announced Tuesday afternoon. The deal does not include an option. Financial terms were not immediately available.

Pavano, who turns 33 Thursday, is coming off a disappointing, injury-plagued four-year stint with the Yankees. With New York in 2008, he appeared in seven games and was 4-2 with a 5.77 ERA in 34 1/3 innings.

Over the course of his four-year, $40 million deal with the Yanks, Pavano appeared in just 26 games. He threw 145 2/3 innings over a four-year span. He missed all of 2006 because of injury. He broke in with the Montreal Expos in 1998.

The Indians will have to remove a player from their 40-man roster to make room for Pavano.

UPDATE (3:10 p.m. ET): 1B Michael Aubrey was designated for assignment to clear Pavano’s spot. No major surprise there.

UPDATE No. 2 (3:11 p.m.): You gotta love the influx of Italians on this roster, don’t you?

UPDATE No. 3 (3:41 p.m.): Got the terms. Pavano is guaranteed $1.5 million for ’09, with the chance to make another $5.3 million in performance-based incentives. About to jump on a conference call with Mark Shapiro. Look for the full story on in a little bit.

UPDATE No. 4 (4 p.m.): Shapiro says Pavano is guaranteed a spot in the rotation, if he’s healthy.

UPDATE No. 5 (4:45 p.m.): The incentives don’t kick in until Pavano makes at least 18 starts.

UPDATE No. 6 (5:20 p.m.): If you’re incredibly curious about this contract, it breaks down as follows, according to a Major League source. Pavano gets $100,000 each for reaching 18, 20 and 22 starts, $200,000 each for reaching 24, 26 and 28 starts, $250,000 for 30 starts, $300,000 for 32 starts, $350,000 each for 33 and 34 starts and $400,000 for 35 starts.


He gets $100,000 each for reaching 130, 140 and 150 innings pitched, $150,000 each for 160 and 170 innings, $200,000 for 180, $250,000 for 190, $250,000 for 200, $300,000 for 215, $400,000 for 225 and $500,000 for 235.


So, basically, a very tolerable level of financial risk with this contract, if you ask me. If Pavano gets hurt or gets shelled, the Indians can cut bait midseason and stomach the $1.5 million investment.



I was hoping they would take a chance on Sheets, Pavano was not exactly what I had in mind.

We had no chance of signing Sheets, especially after signing Wood. There is no way the Tribe could have afforded him

Not who any of us had on our minds , He is veteran , and he can win . Can he help us like Millwood did in 2005 ? We shall see !!

This isn’t the kinda guy the Indians want in their club house. There’s no point signing a “Veteran” player if he doesn’t have “Veteran” qualities – Pavano will flop and he’ll try and bring to team down with him. Bad signing Shapiro – give me Byrd anyday.

Update No. 2: Not if you’re Irish! Though I will miss Fasano

Aubrey will hit a ton for some one

Deep Fried, are you basing this comment on ANY kind of fact or are you another one of those idiots who make stupid comments without merit? Where are you getting your info that Pavano will try and bring the team down with him? Dumb comment.

This will make for some good pitching in the spring , over the last two spots !

Yes, clearly Pavano will try to take the team down with him. After all, he has no reason to want to do well aside from, oh, 5.3 MILLION dollars.

And even WITH incentives, Pavano’s one year deal is less than Byrd will probably get if he decides to keep pitching.

Not a bad pick-up, particularly given the contract. Should be interesting.

Too bad for Aubrey, another kid in the system who never a got a real shot. His glove is 10X garko’s, and I am sure he could hit higher than garko. Except in September when the ball starts to hit garko’s bat.

Pavano – I would have saved the bucks and gone with Laffey, Scott Lewis etal. They are more fun to watch.

great job on the contract ! ” if you stink you only cost us a ticket ”

someone PLEASE explain to me why Shapiro decided to cut a first baseman because we have “potential depth” at the position. Not to mention that “when he’s healthy, he can hit” which is undeniable BUT Shapiro continues to employ Edward Mujica on this team instead????????????

Not that I think Aubrey’s a huge loss, but it does seem like there were other guys we could have cut, like Mujica. Not to mention Andy Marte, who I’m pretty sure was made even more unnecessary by the DeRosa trade.

I always liked Aubrey too but let’s be realistic:

1. He’ll be 27 in April
2. So far, he’s been made of glass
3. He’ll hit for average but doesn’t have the power that you want at 1B
4. Where the heck is he going to play? Garko, Martinez, Head, Brown, Giminez, LaPorta, Mills… We’re too deep at 1B.
5. I think there is a good chance he clears waivers. If so, go back to point #4.

I would agree Aubrey has no place on the team in its current state but the point that was made was why cut him over Mujica, and I would agree. Why would they care if someone else claimed Mujica, who seems to only get worse every year, and was never good to begin with? On the other hand, what if Martinez or Garko get injured in spring training? Then it would be nice to have Aubrey around, right? And I’d be surprised if he would clear waivers, I’d think they have to trade him now or lose him for nothing

thank you isavage30 for understanding my angle on Mujica. I agree with your analysis. We all probably considered Aubrey to get the shaft but possibly considered him as part of a trade package if Shapiro went in that direction. I think the fact that Cleveland did not lose Jordan Brown in the draft allowed Shapiro to make this decision whereas LaPorta and/or Mills would be the future at 1B.

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