Pre-hitting Pronk

Got an update for you on the Pronk. Travis Hafner has been cleared by Dr. James Andrews to begin “pre-hitting activities” at Progressive Field this week (I believe “pre-hitting activities” include trying on batting gloves and writing his number in magic marker on the knob of the bat).

Hafner will begin a return-to-hit program in mid-January.

Carry on.


Personally I think Hafner has seen his best days. I think the Indians should go out and sign a 1b just in case Pronk dosen’t get back to Pronk form. If you want to see my free agency predictions and make your own in a cool free agency guessing game jus click the link: P.S Letting Casey Blake go to L.A was a mistake you will definatley regret in the future.

Captain Obvious says, “I have 57 million reasons (and perhaps 35 homeruns and 115 RBIs) why the Indians need a healthy Hafner for success in 2009.”

Letting Casey Blake go was far from a mistake they are going to regret. His contract was one the Indians simply did not need. They have a future to worry about and Blake is getting that deal largely off the last year of production. There is no telling that he will keep that up. They also got a future catcher and viable bullpen option in the deal, so if you ask me, it was a brilliant move. I think Hafner has seen his absolute best days, but that doesn’t mean he still can’t be productive.. The Indians don’t have the luxury of going out and sign for depth like that. Hafner doesn’t even play first base anyway. If Pronk gets hurt, there is in-house DH replacements that can share time.

I would’ve included a game of Flip, but only during interleague play, right?

thanks for the update Anthony.

Hey, there’s always Dellucci to plug in at DH (yes, I’m kidding).

It would have been nice to get Blake back for sure, but not at what he signed for.

DeRosa move makes sense based on dollars & cents and not giving up too much. The Pavano signing might really be a steal. I haven’t seen a deal this incentive laden since Ricky Williams first contract.

Trading a prospect like Santana for two months of Casey Blake is absolutely insane, from the Dodgers perspective … I can’t think of too many players who had 2 years of decline like Hafner’s had and then returned to form, I’m guessing he’s a lost cause. They don’t need to sign a 1B though, they’ve got Martinez and Garko, whoever’s not playing 1B can DH, or maybe they could call up Laporta if Hafner’s indeed done. Either way, Hafner’s level of success isn’t going to make or break the season. They obviously did well in ’07 without a productive Hafner … so many guys had subpar seasons last year, that if half of them play to potential the Indians can be in the hunt for the division. If I had to pick one player whose production or lack thereof will be most important to their success this year, I’d take Carmona. If he can bounce back, and Lee can at least be good if not great, they will contend.

I’ve always found the “Hafner was bad in ’07” line kind of strange. I wish all of our players would have such a bad year — 24 HR and 100 RBI.

Instead of hoping for another 2006 from Pronk, I would be fine with something like he did in ’07, perhaps with a bit more power. I think ’06 was simply a career year for him.

’06 was certainly his best year, but not by much. His OPS went from .993, 1.003, 1.098 in ’04-’06 to .836 in ’07, and that was after a hot hitting April, if you remember. Since April ’07, he only came close to his performance of the previous 3 years in one month, september, and then of course he was horrible in October. In that 3 years and 1 month, he only had 2 months, the beginning of ’05, where he had an OPS under .900. So ’07 was definitely a bad year for Pronk … 24HRs and 100RBIs certainly isn’t terrible, and I hope he can at least return to that level, but I don’t think he will, something went wrong with him around the end of April ’07, and it only got worse the next year. And then they didn’t really find anything wrong with his shoulder

Why did he have surgery if they didn’t find anything wrong with his shoulder? I’m no doctor, but the fact that one arm was half as strong as the other would suggest that something was very wrong.

I still think he started sleeping on the wrong side of his body.. and I’m only half kidding about it.

Dude, I have had a rough couple of weeks, and that line (pre-hitting activities) had me cracking up. I enjoy the info you provide about the Tribe and your sense of humor. This Las Vegas Italian appreciates the effort.

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