Wood deal done

Kerry Wood passed his physical and has signed a two-year contract worth nearly $20 million. The contract includes a club option that has a vesting mechanism within it.

General manager Mark Shapiro will discuss the signing — and that complicated option — on a conference call with reporters this afternoon.

UPDATE: Wood is guaranteed $20.5 million over the two years ($10 million in ’09 and $10.5 million in ’10). The option is worth $11 million and vests if Wood finishes 55 games in either season. Otherwise, it’s a club option.

Read all about the deal, including reaction from Shapiro and Wood, right here.



I just wanted to give credit where it’s due….. you called this one long before anyone else in the local and national media and put your neck on the line saying it was going to get done whilst others were still reporting it as rumor.

Great job!


“I just wanted to give credit where it’s due….. you called this one long before anyone else in the local and national media and put your neck on the line saying it was going to get done whilst others were still reporting it as rumor.”

Well said Dazgod.

While I jump for joy at the idea of a dominant closer with nasty stuff, most notably a mid 90s fastball and hooking slurve, I thought Cleveland overpaid slightly to get their #1 guy. If the option is picked up then the total contract is 3 years for $31.5 million while K-Rod only signed for 3 years $37 million. There does not appear to be any performance incentives for Wood as K-Rod’s deal could top out at 4 years and $56 million which includes $2.5 million in bonuses. Captain Obvious says that if healthy this is a great deal. If not, then Wood will join Travis Hafner as another costly Shapiro contract to an injured player perhaps costing Shapiro his job at the end of 2010.

A heartfelt thanks for the support.

Hey, Amseeley, Gordon Edes over at Yahoo had a list of winners and losers and he listed the Tigers as losers for being outbid by the Tribe for Wood. I hadn’t heard anything like that (AC, any insight?), but that would seem to be be why the Tribe paid so much.

Is that 55 saves in one season? That’s a crazy goal.

Now I just hope the rest of the team gets built up enough to warrant a need to have a closer. If you don’t have the lead in the 9th, it really doesn’t matter.

Ty Wigginton was non-tendered by the Astros. Here is a quality third-baseman who could easily be a tribe starter in 2009. I love the Valbuena pickup, but Wigginton is well worth the 5 mil or so that would be needed to get him.

I agree 100% with wctribe. They should aggresively pursue Wigginton, as he would give us a third baseman with 25 home run power, as well as decent average. Marte is still a HUGE question mark, and I think it is about time he was released…if he turns into another Brandon Phillips, so be it.

AC, this Seinfeld exchange pretty much somes up your blog to me…


Kevin and his friends are nice people! They do good things. They read..


I read.


Books, Jerry.


[pause] Oh.

Big deal..

AC, without trying to pad your ego I must say that it is enjoyable to read Cleveland-based information without the stigma of reporting from employees of the Indians. Your objectivity carries more credibility so I wanted to thank you.

losangelesclevelandfan, the 55 vesting option is set for games in a season, not saves. Quite attainable since he’s given two separate years to accomplish it and he had 65 last year which included a blister-related DL stint.

Ty Wigginton is NOT our one year answer for $7-$9 million while we wait for Wes Hodges. Neither is Joe Crede. Shapiro needs to be responsible with his allocation of money (ahem, Dellucci). Wigginton topped 20 HRs for just the second time in his 9 year career. His 2008 stats are smoking mirrors, and he’s a butcher in the field (.951 career FPCT at 3B with 65 errors in 527 games played). Those numbers average to ~20 errors in 162 games.

Shapiro will make a decision at 3B for 2009 that ultimately effects 2010 given the infield quadmire of Peralta, Cabrera, Barfield, Valbuena and Hodges.

what’s wrong with Peralta at 3rd ,Cabera at ss , Barfield or Vabuena at 2nd ? J.P. has good power numbers for a third sacker , and if any one of the guys don’t work out you give Hodges a try and move around who ever you have to move . What we need is some one like a 2005 Millwood pick up to help a young bunch of starters , and a Pat Burrell in place of a Dellucci !

fuzzy, I couldn’t agree more on your points. I might be one of three people in Cleveland that believes Barfield should get another shot. The need for offense will be readily apparent if Hafner doesn’t come back healthy which I am pessimistic that he will. The deep corner outfield market for guys like Burrell and Dunn (who would be my choice) are too expensive for Cleveland. Just look at what Ibanez got as a 36 year old.

I am so glad we got Kerry!
We can do a lot with him next year.

Why are you guys all forgetting Carroll in the infield mix. He is quiet, solid and underrated. He goes out and plays any infield position you give him, and if he has enough playing time he hits very reasonably. For the interim until Hodges is ready, if Barfield doesn’t work out, he could be a reasonable 2B option with Cabrera at SS and Peralta at 3B. If a miracle happens and the poor or cheapskate Tribe shells out and gets a serious infielder, fine. Maybe we should pray for an MLB salary cap. I’m sick and tired of seeing the talent go to the big money franchises. Also the DH rule is terrible. CC not playing for the Indians bothers me less than CC not getting his turn at bat.

Thanks, amseeley, that makes WAY more sense!

Let’s not forget that our offense ended the year 6th in runs, according the ESPN.com’s stats, although that was behind the Twins, White Sox, and Tigers! Still, we did most of that without Pronk or V-mart.

I got the impression from AC’s last mailbag that we’d see a Barfield/Carroll/Valbuena battle royale for 2nd, but I might have been reading into Shapiro’s words.

My biggest concern right now is the rotation…

losangelesclevelandfan, I would agree that the rotation, while deep with young, unproven arms needs a veteran righty to eat up some innings in the middle to latter half of the rotation. Two names previously mentioned are Kris Benson and Braden Looper. Two guys that interest me much like Kevin Millwood did circa 2005 are Brad Penny and Carl Pavano but that may depend on the price tag for a one year deal. Three other players I could see the Indians looking at are Daniel Cabrera, Josh Fogg and perhaps Bartolo Colon. I would also agree with your analysis that we COULD see a 2B quagmire between Carroll (only signed for 2009), Barfield (has one more year of options) and Valbuena (has 3 years of options) but my impression was that Shapiro does not want to move Peralta permanently for any of those three players just yet.

fried07, I do not think that we are forgetting Carroll but he is not a true 162-game player. Maybe we see a Carroll/Marte platoon at 3B (mostly Carroll) and a middle infield of Peralta/Cabrera with a little Barfield mixed in for off days until Hodges comes up in early June? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me if you have two platooning infield positions but Shapiro has to consider his options, the market for infielders, his prospects, and the economy. Additionally, can you explain to me why fans such as yourself call the Indians poor, cheap, or unwilling to spend money while simultaneously admitting the paradox of a salary cap? Last year they were right in the middle of team salaries. This year it will rise. We cannot buy our way out of our roster troubles like New York.

Can you give us any input regarding the club’s interest in Joe Nelson and Joe Beimel? Nelson appears mutually interested given his “Fab Four” comment. What would adding another proven bullpen arm like Nelson do to the 25 man roster, in particular the pen?

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