Give me 5

The Rule 5 draft rules. It is, by far, my favorite part of the Winter Meetings.

You know why? Because it signals the end of the Winter Meetings.

And the Indians went out quietly this morning. They neither lost nor took anybody in the Major League portion of the draft. This was something of a surprise, because it was assumed Jordan Brown, Chuck Lofgren and Neil Wagner were among those with a possibility of being plunked.

It was interesting, however, that right-hander Luis Perdomo — the hard-throwing reliever the Indians traded to the Cardinals for Anthony Reyes in July — was taken from the Cards by the Giants.

In the Minor League portion, the Indians lost Class A right-handers Rafael Quintero to the Pirates and Carlos Arias to the Royals. Farm director Ross Atkins said the Indians opted to dole out those pitchers’ innings elsewhere, so it doesn’t appear as though the Tribe is sweating the loss.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the 40-man roster is at 39. Though I have a feeling that final spot will be filled soon…


Anything to look forward to in the near future? A signing to stabilize the infield? Perhaps Ray Durham? or Orlando Cabrera?

Good to hear, I am always on edge during the Rule 5 with fears someone will nab a future star of the Indians. You never know…

The 40th spot is now reserved for Kerry Wood. Hey AC, now that the draft is over do the indians have more roster flexibility?

That’s way more clever than I was ecxpteing. Thanks!

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