Wood is Cleveland-bound

Kerry Wood is en route to Cleveland, with a planned arrival on Wednesday night and a planned physical on Thursday.


Should Wood pass the physical, it is expected that he will sign a two-year contract with the Indians worth just under $20 million. It is believed the contract will include an option for a third year, though it was not clear whether that option would be a club option, player option or vesting option.


The Indians are cautiously optimistic that the deal will get done, but they also know these things can fall apart in a hurry. Passing their physical is no easy task, and it's no secret Wood has had more than his share of injury woes over the years.


Knowing that a deal is never done until it's done, the Indians continue to show an interest in Mariners closer J.J. Putz, who is available on the trade front.



Not to be greedy or anything, but shouldn’t we be moving on? I haven’t heard anything since the talk about Wood. I think Wood is HUGE for the Indians. He will bring back the most important part of the club, the bullpen.

Shouldn’t there be a bit of worry about the first couple months of offensive struggles last year though? With they are now they are sending out essentially the same lineup. The Indians need a lead off hitter, or at least a bat at second, third or ss that can hit above .280 and get’s on base.

Has there been any word on trades for this type or a signing? Could they give up some pitching depth for an infielder like perhaps hill from the blue jays?

Not to be greedy but, any talk about an infielder via trade?

What about this one, Anthony?

According to Ken Rosenthal:
“the Mets are close to acquiring Mariners reliever J.J. Putz in a three-team trade. Putz and K-Rod will be quite a late inning tandem. The Indians are also involved in the trade. Other players in the mix: Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez, Mike Carp, and Franklin Gutierrez.”

Any truth to that and if so, who would we be getting for Goot? Heilman?

If/when this trade becomes final, the Indians have made a great impact move. Yes, the club has other weaknesses that need to be addressed but the back end of the bullpen has been a gaping hole since the days of Jose Mesa and Kerry Wood can be there person who changes that. The Indians are being smart with their money. Good move.

If this deal does come down and I think it will it whould give the indians something that they haven’t have since the days of Jose Mesa in the mid to late 90’s a power closer that throws strikes and has a 2 good out pitches that Kerry Wood has in his curveball and silder. The key for Wood is to stay heathly and off the DL.

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I wish him good luck. This one will be a good experience.

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