April 16, Yankee Stadium…

How about a matchup of 2007 Cy Young winner CC Sabathia against his former club and 2008 Cy Young winner Cliff Lee in the opener of the Yanks’ $1.6 billion ballpark in the Bronx?

Looking at the schedule, and factoring in each guy going on his usual four days’ rest, it’s not only conceivable but extremely likely, now that Sabathia appears to have gone to the Dark Side.

And to that point, I’ll be interested to see how Indians fans react to the news on CC. On the one hand, you simply can’t blame the guy for taking an unprecedented offer to a pitcher.

On the other hand… it’s the Yankees (shudder).

One last note: About a year ago, the Indians offered CC a four-year extension worth about $18 million a year. If the reports are true, Sabathia willl receive a seven-year deal worth $22.9 million a year. Any lingering doubt over whether the Indians did the right thing by trading him?


We don’t need to boo CC – besides, he’s gonna be miserable enough there.

Any news on any starting pitching for the Tribe?

This makes me insanely, violently ill.

After all the talk about CC telling Ned Colletti he wanted to be a Dodger, I got my hopes up that I could finally stop hating the National League and cheer for Casey, CC, and all the great young Dodgers.

Also, I have recently moved into Yankee territory and will be forced to see his face on every paper for miles. *shudders*

money talks alot, but if and when he gets to the playoffs and can’t get the job done we will see exactly what they did to arod( being Clutch) they will boooo him so bad! If he wasnt set for life before( he was ) he is now!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

Mary, I feel your pain having recently moved to pinstripe territory. Can anyone say sell out? After saying he so wanted to stay in Cleveland then didn’t make a deal, then saying he wanted to go to Cali and stay in the NL to keep hitting… Now he’s taking the money and running? SELL OUT! Money talks and it’s disgusting…

I’m glad my Indians jersey is for #24 and not former #52, cuz I’d have to burn it.

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