Things got real quiet real fast

Well, it’s quiet.

Not much action going on throughout baseball, let alone with the Indians. And the inactivity on this blog is reflective of that.

The Indians are hamstrung by two key factors at the moment — the slow-developing Hot Stove marketplace, in which (let’s face it) they don’t exactly rank high on the pecking order, and the brutal economic climate, which will no doubt hamper their spending. Reflective of the times, the Indians drastically cut back the hours of some of their part-time help in the front office in recent days.

Indeed, these are lean times… and quiet times. And more rumors involving the Tribe are getting refuted than substantiated.

That’s the case with 3B Casey Blake, who, as reported on the site, does not appear to be coming back. If the Dodgers or Twins are willing to go to three years with Blake (and it appears they just might be), then count the Indians out.

The closer chase still looks promising, because of the glut of arms available. If the prices on Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes drop, that’s obviously beneficial to the Indians.

Next week, I’ll be reporting live from the Winter Meetings, and one would only have to assume that the activity around the sport will begin to heat up in Las Vegas, Perhaps that thaw will lead to more information about the Tribe’s pursuits.

So this is your invitation to stay tuned to this space next week for all the news that’s fit to blog. And some other inane stuff, too, I reckon.

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