Hernandez hired as bullpen coach

Former Tigers pitching coach Chuck Hernandez will be the Indians’ new bullpen coach, replacing Luis Isaac.

Hernandez was with the Tigers for the last three seasons. Prior to that, he was the Rays’ pitching coach from 2004-05, and he was the Angels’ pitching coach from 1992-96.

Isaac was dismissed at season’s end after 44 years in the Indians’ organization. Hernandez was relieved of his duties in Detroit after a brutal year for the Tigers’ pitching staff.

Hernandez is already at work for the Tribe. He’s in the Dominican Republic, getting a look at Fausto Carmona’s start for Aguilas tonight. He’ll also see Adam Miller, who is making the transition to relief work.


Welcome back AC. Hope your venture overseas was an enjoyable. I’m not sure about Hernandez but I still don’t agree with the Isaac move.

Where’s the wine?

Hey – hope you had a great time. Glad to see a new post!

Hey AC, hope you had a great time in Europe! By the way, perhaps next time in your blog or mailbag you could comment on any reason that a member of the tribe bullpen should be excited to come back from the off season and meet their new bullpen coach, Chuck Hernandez. Gee, let’s see resume consists of being with the RAYS when they were losers and having pitching problems and then most recently being with the Tigers and sucking out again. He certainly does have a little work to do to prove himself and gain the respect of the bullpen pitchers. I highly recommend the Joe Maddon encouragement approach versus the Lou Pinella take ’em all down with you approach that failed so miserably for the RAYS and others. Best wishes and let us know what we have to look forward to.

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