Carroll coming back

From the no-brainer department, the Indians have exercised their $2.5 million option on Jamey Carroll for next season.

The 34-year-old Carroll hit .277 with one homer, 13 doubles, four triples, 36 RBIs and 60 runs scored in 113 games, including 84 starts at second base and third. He will once again be in the utility infield role.

Also expecting the ’09 Spring Training schedule to be released today, so, if you’re planning a trip to Goodyear or just have a profound interest in such things, be on the lookout for that on the site later.


Great news! I really liked Carroll this year and hope he can keep getting constant playing time again next year.

Thanks for the update AC. See you in Goodyear!

Oh, so cool! I’m totally happy with this decision. He seems to be yet another player that is in it for the team rather than for himself – and that is what it is all about.


Myranda, I would be interested to know who you think isnt for the team on the Indians…

I’d like to confess that I was against the signing of Jamey Carroll, I liked how Chris Gomez performed, and I felt like he fit the team personality, but Carroll proved to be a quality signing this year.

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