Surgery for Pronk

Travis Hafner will undergo diagnostic arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder in Birmingham, Ala., on Tuesday. Dr. James Andrews will perform the surgery.

On a conference call today, head athletic trainer Lonnie Soloff explained that Hafner’s shoulder strength is at about 70 percent. It was at 75 percent when he returned to baseball activities in August. Because of the regression, the decision has been made to, in Soloff’s words, “clean out any chronic changes and investigate any other anatomical reasons for pain.”

So there’s an exploratory nature to this surgery. The Indians have not discovered anything on an MRI that indicates any part of Pronk’s shoulder will need to be repaired or reconstructed, but surgery may or may not reveal something along those lines. Expect a more detailed update on the surgery Tuesday, and a full story on today’s news will be up on the site shortly.


this can’t be good. no matter what anybody tells you, even exploratory surgery can be very invasive, depending upon what they find. to be honest with you, i’m not holding out much hope for the return of pronk next year, if ever again. if he does, excellent. that’s just more gravy over the meat and potatoes. they actually played better without him once he went on the disabled list. his best year was 2006, which was probably the indians worst year under wedge. while his worst full season was last year and they actually won 96 games and fell just one game short of going to the world series. that being said, give me the 2006 pronk with the 2007 indians and you would most certainly see a world series trophy in cleveland in 2009. we can only hope.

Hoping the very best for Travis!


This is related to Pronk, but I see you are obviously a huge Sal Fasano fan. I am as well, all I heard about Fasano was how much he helped the young pitchers and how much of an asset he was. I honestly believe it is in the Tribe’s best interest to make Martinez a full time first baseman and making Shoppach the full time catcher. Shop was the best power hitting catcher in the AL last year with limited ABs and making Vic the 1B would cut down on his injuries and elongate his career. With it becoming more evident that Pronk will never return to his own form and the second half that Garko had I think it would be best for the Indian’s offense to have Garko be the DH, Victor 1B and Shoppach C, with this it could open up a spot for Fasano as the back up catcher.

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