Surgery a possibility for Pronk

We just had our annual media post-mortem with Mark Shapiro and one of the many topics that came up, of course, was Travis Hafner’s right shoulder. The Indians are considering whether or not Hafner will undergo arthroscopic surgery on the shoulder this winter, or whether they’ll go with their original plan of rehabbing the shoulder without surgery. Shapiro said Pronk’s end-of-the-year physical found the shoulder to be weaker than expected.

I’ll have more info on the site shortly, and I’ll have a more complete story on Shapiro’s thoughts heading into the offseason on Wednesday.


At this point I think it is safe to say that Pronk is officially the Ed Hochuli of the Indians. He looks huge and built, and at one time he was one of the best there was, but right now he’s just not getting it done. I say he gets the surgery and we’ll bank on Francisco/Martinez/Garko to get it done at DH until he’s back.

Is anyone surprised? Hafner’s issues have been long and drawn out – I say do what has to be done so that the problem can be corrected and stay that way.


we should not give up on pronk yet , lets not forget that his dad pased away this year ! pro ball player aside he is a person and it will take time to get his mind right ! he will be back !!!

I agree, but did this injury begin in 07 or 08? I dont know, but hopefully he can come in to spring training and be ready for the season.Mark did say he would be ready for spring training with or with out the surgery. Did he not!
The Tribe has a lot of money invested in to him and he needs to perform to his abilities soon.Like in 05, But Right now i would take the 07 season. He drove in 100 RBI’s. Just to know he can hit for power, and be some sort of a threat to the opposing pitcher.

I do think your right Fuzzy he is human and he does deal with tragety just like everyone else does. so I will give him a little slack for that.

I am praying to god that he can return to form. PLEASE!

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