Brantley is PTBN

As speculated, Michael Brantley is the player to be named from the CC Sabathia trade.


This really looks like it could be one of those deals to remember. As much as I’d love to have CC around still, it looks like we got a lot in return.

Good thing the Brewers traded to make the post-season just so they could foolishly use CC, who has a terrible post-season record, on three days rest. . .and be in a position to be swept.

Way to go, Milwaukee! Hopefully the Indians can make them regret trading these excellent young prospects.

I like Brantley. Hopefully it works out for the best. If so …..
Hopefully Brantley and Laporta will be part of the “core” for years to come.

Is this the leadoff guy we’ve been waiting for so grady can move to the 3 hole?

How far away is he from being big league ready?

just what we needed another outfielder!now maybe we can send gutierrez and barfield to sd for kouzmanzoff since we needed a third baseman!good job mark you bonehead!what ever you do don’t trade kelly shoppach.i’ll take him in the lineup over garko anyday,plus we are better with him behind the plate and victor at first.if we don’t get a 3b i really wish they’d move peralta there he is better suited there than at short.his glove doesn’t even begin to compare with asdrubal’s.peace out,go tribe!

History may show this to be a steal for the Tribe. One never knows until it plays out. However recent history has shown that the Brewers paid a heavy price for this since CC showed up only to choke again. Go Tribe!

i just can’t help but wonder if the indians will screw this guy up just like they have every other talented & cocky african-american player that has come through their system. see milton bradley, jody gerut, brandon phillips, coco crisp, josh barfield, et al. whether you want to believe it or not, it just seems that eric “the genius” wedge has a very low opinion of such players while giving more of a benefit of the doubt to lesser talented white guys like jason michaels, david de-******-bag, casey blank, aaron boone, trot “the rot” nixon, mike “the louse” rouse, josh phelps and jason dubois. now i’m not saying wedge is a racist. he’s just plays favorites.

@ kyocera —
Are you kidding me? Not that it matters what color his skin is, but Brantley is white.

To: kyocera

Jody Gerut got to play with the indians and so did Milton Bradley.Milton is a trouble maker! Brandon got chances with them and never came through. Coco played alot. Just because there traded doesnt mean wedge or whom ever dosent like them for what ever reason you want to put out there.
Barfield got his chance and he was sent down b/c he was struggling and Cabrera took off last year. this year Cabrera was sent down and Josh was brought up and got hurt.(the indians traded for Josh) so their not racist. The injury…you cant blame that on the Indians ORG.
And what are you trying to say exactly?(wedge)

hey kyocera , there should be some agency that follows people like you around and every time you open your mouth and some made up bull sh#t comes out you get a smack to the dome with a 5 pound hammer …. moron !!!!

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