Marte's done.

Andy Marte’s inglorious 2008 season has come to a close. He heard his calf muscle pop in the second inning last night and had to be helped off the field. He’s on crutches now and will head to Cleveland on Thursday for an MRI.

Marte said he could be out of commission anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the severity of the strain. He’ll likely head to the Indians’ new facility in Goodyear, Ariz., for rehab, then he’s planning to play Dominican Winter Ball.

The Indians told him to be prepared to come to Spring Training camp in shape and ready to play, but it remains to be seen which team’s camp he’ll report to. He does not appear to be the Tribe’s “third baseman of the future,” as once thought.

UPDATE: With Asdrubal Cabrera out the next two games, Wedge had Victor Martinez take groundballs at third before tonight’s game, in case he needs to fill in at any point for Jamey Carroll. As far as the long-range plans (well, as long-range as you can get, when there are only five games left), it’s possible Jhonny Peralta could be pushed to third for a game, depending on how Carroll’s going.

And that, of course, would just lead to add fuel to the Peralta-to-third fires.


Too bad. I really had hopes for Marte when they broke my heart trading Coco and forcing me to hate him. Of course, now he’ll go to some team, like the Reds or something for cash, and become an All-Star.

When does that facility open up to the public? Will tours be avialable?

Don’t worry eric, Marte isn’t going to be an allstar anywhere except maybe AA or AAA if he has a career year. He has breaking ball batspeed with an inability to hit the breaking ball. Scary. I’m sure Shapiro was worried about another Brandon Phillips, but I doubt he is anymore.

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