Is Cliff done, too?

It’s obvious Cliff Lee’s stuff has lost some of its luster the last three starts. That’s what happens when you make 31 starts and pitch 223 1/3 innings.

For now, Lee is penciled in to start Sunday in Chicago. But if that game has no impact on the postseason race between the White Sox and Twins, the Indians might opt to put Lee on the shelf.

“Let’s see what the game means and go from there,” manager Eric Wedge said.

More on the site in a bit.


Consider him dropped from my fantasy league. Of course my battle for 6th isn’t really that big of a deal…

I guess the only minor question would be his Cy Young standing, but I don’t think Dice-K is going to lower his ERA by 0.3 in one more start and I don’t think Halliday’s going to get three more wins before the end of the year.

With the way Fausto is pitching lately, we need to keep the one sure fire ace we have healthy.

That’s okay with me if he does not start on sunday. Even though i would love to see him get number 23. He has done enough for this team this year. This year for him is a career year for anyone so Good luck next year Cliff.(there is no way you can expect him to have the same year next year)

I think Cliff deserves a day off, don’t you? I’d leave it up to him.
After last night, I’d like to see Bryan Bullington get another shot.

I agree: give Lee the day off. He accomplished a great record, will clearly will the cy young (by the way, Anthony: the last time the tribe had back-to-back cy young award winners? the last time any team had different winners back to back?), and the team would benefit learning something about any other possible pitcher–even if nine pitchers pitch one inning each!!

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