Suspended in their masquerade

Bob Watson, Major League Baseball's vice president of on-field operations, came down hard on the Tribe in his rulings on Friday night's fracas between the Indians and Tigers. While Tigers designated hitter Gary Sheffield, the instigator of the brawl, received a four-game suspension, Fausto Carmona received a six-game suspension. Victor Martinez and Asdrubal Cabrera were suspended three games each and received an undisclosed fine.


Carmona and Martinez have opted to appeal their suspensions, which would have begun Monday night if unchallenged. Cabrera, who is in tonight’s lineup, was undecided as to whether or not he’d appeal, as his suspension isn’t slated to begin until Thursday.


More on the site in a bit.


UPDATE: I wouldn’t be surprised if Carmona makes his final start of the season here in Boston on Wednesday, then drops his appeal and serves the first four games of his suspension in ’08 and pitches the third game of ’09.


Of course, that’s dependent on MLB not hearing Carmona’s appeal before Wednesday.


UPDATE No. 2: Figured you’d enjoy more of Sheffield’s words of wisdom. Sheffield is still vowing retribution on the Indians. Not sure what he’s planning, but perhaps Asdrubal Cabrera will wake up in the middle of night at some point this offseason and find a dead horse’s head laying beside him.


Anyway, here are the latest quotes from Sheffield, courtest of one of’s finest, Jason Beck:


When the topic of the Indians players punished was brought up:

“Yeah, but they’re going to be penalized by me, too. That’s just the way it goes.”


When asked how he might do that:


Don’t worry about how. You’ll see. I’m not going to sit here and talk about it.”


Asked why he has been so public about retribution, Sheffield said, “When I challenge a man, I challenge him to his face. I’m not going to surprise you with anything. You’re going to know I’m coming. That way, you’re ready. I want you ready, just like I’m going to be ready. That’s what kind of man I am.”


Any reaction from MLB on that matter will not concern him.


“I don’t care about any league thing, what they do,” he said. “I’ve got enough money to cover any fine they’ve got. Trust me.”



That’s infinitely stupid. You’d think that Gary Sheffield’s prior bad acts would be enough to warrant at least as many games as Fausto.

Sheffield better hope he’s not in a Tigers uniform next year, or any, or Fausto will give it to him again.


I may have missed in prior comments, but why is this Fasano’s site now? I hope he gets re-signed next year. Love the handlebars.

Also, these suspensions are ridiculous. If anything Fausto should get suspended for not knocking Sheff out with haymaker and kicking him while he was down. Too much?

Don’t worry, everyone. I heard that Bud Selig gave Sheffield a math problem that involves adding two, double digit numbers and everyone pretty much figures that will keep him occupied for the rest of the season (if not the rest of his career).

Hey Shef, I have this new vitamin that is clear and in a tube, but don’t tell anyone…

I also really enjoy how he has mastered the English language.

AC, any insight as to why Carmona got a longer suspension than Sheff?

And yeah, who else is surprised Sheff hasn’t rattled off any racist crap about Vic, Carmona, and Cabrera being Latino?

See link for more of the circus that is Gary Sheffield:

Carmona gets a longer suspension because he’s a starting pitcher only going out every 5 days. They make sure he misses a start that way, or at least gets pushed back.

Hey isn’t going to sit here and talk about it.

But.. He actually is.

I really don’t understand how Sheffields brain works, but I can’t imagine its functioning any better after Carmona left his mark.

Sheffield Just doesn’t know how to keep his fat mouth shut.
He already got it handed to him by Fausto, for running his mouth. Plain and simple he is dumb. and a jerk!
Victor and Cabrera should not of gotten anything! Polanco should have gotten something, he got ejected out of the game too. Hang it up sheff.

What Sheffield means in that article about “going back to who he is” is that he fooled everyone in America by acting like he cared about baseball to get rich and is now back to just being a belligerent rear end. I don’t know what is more racist saying that Latino’s roll over and take it or grouping the entire African-American race into the same category as him, which isn’t a category anyone I know of would want to be in.

Sheff is a moron, but we all already knew that. I’m glad he got his butt whooped… or as it shall now be known as… He got “Fausto’d.” Sheff should’ve gotten more than 4 since he’s the one that started the whole thing, but I understand the whole missing a start for Fausto deal. Sheff & his big mouth better watch himself. You don’t mess with a pissed of Latino.

I hope Fausto hits him again next year..

Did sheffield realize that carmona is 6’4″ 230 and half his age…or that he left the field with a black eye and bloody nose.

What an idiot! My favorite thing about the fight is the Tigers players trying to pull our guys off of Sheffield – they weren’t exactly ‘defending their boy’ out there. And other than take up salary and a roster spot, what has Gary done for the Tigers in the last 3 seasons?

As many times as our players have been hit this season, we don’t go out and start fighting. I guess that’s what a sense of class and respect for the game does for you. How many times has the same pitcher hit Garko or Shoppach this season?

Sheffield always acts like he is mad at the world. Besides the fact that is was just a completely immature move of him to charge the mound – I find it a little amusing that he thought he could do something when he barely comes up to Fausto’s chest (I know, that’s a stretch, but sounds good, right?). Might I use the old saying, “Pick on someone your own size”?!

so does that make Fausto, Vic and A-Cab the night brigade

When do they release the 09 spring training schedule?

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