Capital gains

We’ve known all year that the Indians would be moving their Triple-A team to Columbus next season. The move should finally be made official any time now, perhaps as early as this afternoon.

The Associated Press is reporting that a four-year deal, through 2012, has been reached between the Tribe and the Columbus Clippers, but the Indians are not yet confirming this. Thursday was the first day the two sides could officially negotiate.

The Indians’ front office was happy with its relationship with Buffalo, which was a well-run organization. But this move to Columbus simply makes too much sense to pass up. The Indians will be able to tap into the hearts of baseball fans in the state capital, and they’ll have a beautiful new facility, Huntington Park, to call home.


AC, will they remain the Clippers or is a new nickname in order for a new city?

Simply because Anthony gets nitpicked so much, kj, I think you mean “will they remain the Bisons or is a new nickname in order for a new city?”

I’m guessing they’ll keep the Columbus Clippers name.

I think this is a great move, though. I have a lot of friends who were born and raised in NE Ohio who now live in Columbus and I’m sure they’ll go to more games now.

You got me, but there’s a reason the name on this blog is Castrovince and not yours, I don’t really care what your guess is, although you may be right, I want the official word from my man AC.

Not to back up a feisty rebuttal, but I believe the nickname does stay with the organization, the Tribe simply feeds its players and staff through it. I’m OK with Clippers, though if a renaming process is needed may I be the first to throw in my hat for the Columbus Castrovince’s.

A good way to avoid my guess would be not reading my post then.

CS, I’m guessing it would be too expensive to change the nicknames for the cities (Buffalo is getting the Mets’ team, after all). They probably have a lot of money tied up in marketing the “Bisons” and the “Clippers.”

And, really, Columbus doesn’t have a great track record for naming teams (the Blue Jackets, anyone?).

Oh, and the AP article says the deal is with the Columbus Clippers, not the city of Columbus:;_ylt=Av0XenaTrvjOb_limsMstNERvLYF?slug=ap-indians-minorleagues&prov=ap&type=lgns

It will stay as the Clippers. But if we are renaming them, I second Columbus Castrovince’s and nominate Columbus Q-Tips for kicks and giggles.

Good move! Now i can go see a AAA game.
Go tribe!

Yeah I’m betting you’re right kvander. I hope that any money the Indians save in the marketing and in gas money for their bullpen hands traveling from C-Bus to Cleveland goes directly to hire someone specifically to make sure Pronk hits about 50 of those 430 foot blasts next year.. give or take a yard. Sports psychologist, voodoo man, witch doctor, I don’t care.

Don’t look for the Clipper nickname to make it’s way to the new ballpark. With the new home, new relationship with the Tribe, and new fan base that will be flocking to the Arena District, why would they take an old name and especially the old Yankee pinstripes along? There is big money in Minor League merchandising and the Columbus franchise would be missing out if they don’t rebrand themselves.

Also, they spent the last two homestands at the Coop selling everything that said Clippers for 50% off.

The name will remain the Clippers, barring some unforeseen and unexpected change.

Appreciate the Columbus Castrovinces idea, but considering how many people butcher the pronunciation of my name it would likely be a trainwreck.

Good point AC. As for those pinstripes, it doesn’t apply because they were just a Reds affiliate, Yankees have a place here in my hometown of Scranton.. unfortunately. But I’m looking forward to the Clippers coming to play them here next year! If I can’t watch the Tribe I can at least watch the Tribe to be in a few months haha.

Bah…where are you AC? I need your comments on the brawl!

Comments on the brawl? Shef’s an idiot. If Carmona wanted to hit him it would have been square and not on the arm. Maybe standing an inch off the plate isn’t such a great idea against a pitcher who has that much movement on his pitches.

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