Downtown there's something that I want to hear

I get a lot of e-mails asking what a certain player’s at-bat music is. Unfortunately, I usually can’t answer these e-mails, because from my perch in the Progressive Field press box, it all sounds like a muddled mess to me.

Fortunately, in-game entertainment manager Annie Merovich was able to help me out on this one. This is not a complete list, but hopefully some of you will find it helpful. If you download all these tunes and make a mix CD, you will have an ecclectic mix of musical experiences. And you’ll be a total nerd, too.


  • Grady Sizemore: “The Trance is the Motion” by Static X
  • Travis Hafner: “Du Hast” by Rammstein
  • Jhonny Peralta: A song by Wisin & Yandel (I asked, and Peralta didn’t know the title)
  • Ryan Garko: “No Matter What” by T.I.
  • Ben Francisco: “Rock Boyz” by Jay-Z and “Made You Look” by Nas
  • David Dellucci: “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth, “Devil’s Dance” by Metallica and “The Godfather” theme song
  • Jamey Carroll: “Jump” by Van Halen, “Pink Houses” by John Mellencamp, “Ants Marching” by Dave Matthews Band
  • Kelly Shoppach: “Come With Me” by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page
  • Franklin Gutierrez: “Love is Gone” by David Guetta
  • Michael Aubrey: “Dig” and “Pardon Me” by Incubus
  • Shin-Soo Choo: “Shoulder Lean” by Young Dro
  • Andy Marte: “Cortane las Venas,” “Resistire,” and “Su Unico Amore” by Tony Rosario
  • Josh Barfield: “Go Getta” by Young Jeezy and “Like Father, Like Son” by Lil Wayne

As for the pitchers, here’s what’s playing when they take the mound…

  • Anthony Reyes: “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold
  • Fausto Carmona: “Stronger” by Kanye West
  • Jake Westbrook: “Small Town” by John Mellencamp
  • Jeremy Sowers: “Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart
  • Cliff Lee: “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” and “Rocket” by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Rafael Perez: “Lo Que Paso Paso” by Daddy Yankee
  • Jensen Lewis: The theme from “The Dark Knight”

So, what would your at-bat music be? I’d go with “Born to Run,” but that’s obvious.

The blog will take a backseat to the likes of OSU-USC and Browns-Steelers this weekend. We’ll be back up and running Monday.



Someday there WILL be a baseball player that likes Yo La Tengo enough to make one of their songs their at-bat music.

Not one of them play a Nirvana song? Unexpected, to say the least.

Kudos to Cliff Lee with the Pumpkins, though. And Jensen Lewis bests them all with the Dark Knight.

Kelly Shoppach also uses “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy,” which I find terribly amusing. My favorite used to be Casey Blake using the Killers’ “All These Things That I Have Done,” and I still think of him stepping to the plate every time I hear it. . .ohhh the power of at-bat music. However, my at-bat music would have to be “Separate Ways” by Journey.

I’ve always said if I got an at bat, I’d have them play “The Star Spangled Banner”, thereby making everyone stand up. Sure, it would delay the game – you can’t cut that song down to :10 – but I would feel like a political dignitary while getting an AB as a pro baseball player. That would be quite a day.

Hmmm…my music mood changes so much, I’m not sure I could reserve one song for an entire year, let alone handle the pressure of picking one for my one-and-only at bat. I suppose I’d go with “Whoo Haa” by Busta Rhymes to get the crowd amped. If I was piching, I’d have a nasty changeup and my walk on music would be “Master of Puppets.”

yo la tengo! i love it. the day that happens i will probably die of laughter. my friend and i recently attended a cubs-cards game and were commenting on the strange music that they play at busch stadium (seriously, it’s weird for a ball game, check it out. they have a nice park too so it’s worth a trip). we decided that something obscure would be cool (i.e. yo la tengo), but it would have to be uptempo for sure (i.e. the opposite of yo la tengo).
he settled upon “typical” by mute math. i myself would like to hear either “the underdog” by spoon or “we’ve got everything” by modest mouse. the more i thought about it though, the best one would definitely be “here i come” by the roots.

I am fond of Jamey Carroll’s other at-bat song “Superhero” by Perry Ferrell as also heard on the HBO series Entourage.

Would it be inappropriate to make a sign at games that said “Save a Horse, Ride Kelly Shoppach” in honor of his music choice?

There are simply only two options for me. 1). The opening riff of “Just Got To Be” by the Black Keys, or 2). I’d simply have Dan Auerbach write a riff especially for me. I mean c’mon, as a fellow northern Ohioan, for a few small coin and a slice I’m sure he’d do it. Plus we both have beards, we’re practically brothers.

It is tough, but I would pick either “remember the name” by fort minor, “Our Time Now” by Plain White T’s, or “Failure’s not flattering” by New Found Glory.

Hmmmm, I think I’d have to go with Thorogood and “Bad to the Bone” or BTO “Takin’ Care of Business”

Why doesn’t one of these guys use ‘I Am a Real American’ by Rick Derringer (Hulk Hogan’s old introduction music). Would that be too much of a farce? I’d think the place would go crazy, though.

I can accurately submit that at least one of Pronk’s Rammstein songs is “Du Hast”. Glad to contribute.

“Avenged Centerfold”? Are you kidding me? It’s Avenged Sevenfold. Given your taste for artists like Springsteen I’d hardly think you’d have heard of them, although if you have, your substitute name for them is fitting.

Do the players choose these or are they assigned to them?

I think I like Avenged Centerfold better. But I suppose I’ll correct it, for the sake of accuracy.

As the official Web site of Sal Fasano, I was disappointed to see he didn’t make the list!

I agree, with Mary, Casey Blake’s was my favorite too.

“Soul” by Rocco DeLuca and The Burden. I’ve always get a kick out of what people pick for their at-bat songs. And when I hear certain songs, I get all sentimental and, sniff, sniff, and sad sometimes…

I think my favorite of all-time was a player at OSU had the theme song from “Cheers” – might have even been Nick Swisher, I can’t remember. Another player went up to the theme from “Halloween”. Those kooky Buckeyes…

BTW: I know this a question for the way-back machine, but what was the song that they played during the player intro’s that had “I wanna know your name…” It was like three or four seasons ago, but I liked that song.

Re the Yo La Tengo suggestion–the problem is, what song would you pick? “Autumn Sweater”? :-p

Me, maybe it’s because I just saw them play it live a few days ago, but I think Killing Joke’s “Wardance” would do the job nicely. Either that or Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz,” or Graham Central Station’s “Hair.” Have to have a radical hair cut, short or long, to pull the last one off, tho’.

Old school, old school.

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jermey – please “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”. We have to MAKE him change that by force or through humiliation. I’ll send him an Itunes gift card if he promises never to use it again.
I like the MegaDeath stuff from Dulluci – reminds me of High School – Peace Sells but Who’s Buying. The theme from “The Godfather” is the instrumental version of “Speak Softly Love”
I would love to hear some one use “I wanna be Sedated” or “Kasmir”. Boroski could’ve used “Never been any Reason” By HeadEast.
I would use Thin Lizzy’s version of “Whiskey in the Jar”

Wow, maybe if I would’ve read it closer, Kelly using Come with me, which is basically Kashmir

Just wondering if there were a way to figure out the 09 season at-bat songs? It would be so awesome if you could figure that out🙂. Sitting in the bleachers you can’t understand anything being said.

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