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For my money (or, in this case, my press pass), it doesn’t get much better than Camden Yards. It’s a great ballpark, and my opinion is certainly biased by the fact that this is the only place I ever (and probably will ever) caught a home run ball.

It was 2002, and Gary Matthews Jr. went deep off Roger Clemens. The ball sailed onto the right-field home run porch that borders Eutaw Street and bounced off a couple hands before I swiped it in mid-air.

I still have that ball. And come to think of it, it’s a miracle it wasn’t confiscated as part of the Mitchell investigation.

Here are tonight’s lineups…

INDIANS (70-73): CF Grady Sizemore, 3B Jamey Carroll, LF Ben Francisco, SS Jhonny Peralta, 1B Victor Martinez, C Kelly Shoppach, DH Ryan Garko, RF Franklin Gutierrez, 2B Asdrubal Cabrera. LHP Scott Lewis (Major League debut).

ORIOLES (64-79): 2B Brian Roberts, RF Jay Payton, 3B Aubrey Huff, C Ramon Hernandez, CF Adam Jones, 1B Oscar Salazar, DH Luke Scott, LF Lou Montanez, SS Alex Cintron. LHP Chris Waters (2-2, 5.40).


  • Travis Hafner is basically going to be playing every other day, at this point. Victor Martinez is scheduled to catch Thursday, so that would mark his first batch of back-to-back duty in the field since his activation off the DL. He played back to back Sunday and Monday, but one of those games was at DH.
  • It’s well-established that Josh Barfield won’t be seeing much action up here this month, and we could probably spend an entire blog posting debating the merits of that dispersal of playing time (and we probably will, in fact). But in case you’re curious, the Indians have asked Barfield to play winter ball this offseason, and he hasn’t decided yet. “That’s something for him to decide,” Eric Wedge said. “It’s good to get at-bats and reps at second, and Josh has an opportunity to get better.”
  • Wedge also wouldn’t mind seeing Barfield get some time at third base at some point, because, if you haven’t noticed, the Indians are going to have a gaping hole there. “The more versatile young players are, the better their opportunities,” Wedge said.
  • Regarding Andy Marte, he’s batting .272 over his last 25 games, but he hasn’t hit any home runs and he’s driven in just seven runs in that span. This from a guy who was once considered a prime power-hitting prospect. In talking about Marte at the plate, Wedge couldn’t sound much less impressed. “He’s struggled to put it together offensively,” Wedge said. “He’s shown signs with at-bats here and there, but he’s struggled with consistency.”
  • The Indians are giving the O’s a double-dose of the SLL (skinny little lefty) treatment in starting Sowers and Lewis back-to-back. Hey, it worked for Sowers last night. If Lewis wins tonight, he’d be the first Tribe pitcher to win his Major League debut since Fausto Carmona in 2006.
  • The increasingly heated presidential campaign has led to some entertaining back-and-forth between Tribe players. I won’t reveal certain players’ political affiliations, but it was interesting to see one member of the club immersed in Jerome R. Corsi’s new book, “The Obama Nation,” this afternoon, while his teammates were glued to the Brewers-Reds game. 



AC, if you were to guess… Brantley or Green to finish off the CC deal?

Tribe 3B next year? Blake on a 1 year deal plus an option?

Hey, AC, did you see the Plain Dealer article today where Shapiro said only Pronk and Grady have set positions for next year? Evidently, he’s going to go out and find bullpen help and an infielder who can hit, regardless of what position he might play, then adjust the roster accordingly.

Seems like a good plan, as I don’t know that there are a lot of 3rd base options out there (the best 3rd baseman FA will be…Casey Blake).

I think Barfield needs to accept the fact that he needs to do something with the bat before he’s going to get back in the game.

My guess is Green, whatever that’s worth.

As for 3B, my guess is Peralta. As mentioned above, the 3B pool is thin and it’s more realistic to think the Indians do something to address 2B.

As for Blake… he had a nice run. But I think the Indians will keep Jamey Carroll, and I don’t see much room for Blake.

So…I definitely thought of you today because my friend told me he was coming in town next Friday-Sunday. I’m pretty sure he means a week from Friday. I guess I’ll find out soon enough…

If the plan’s to move Peralta to 3B, why not do this now, and play Cabrera at SS and put Barfield in at 2B for the rest of the year? Even if Marte hits .400 with 5HRs over the next 20 days, he’s still not a likely option for next year, so why not get an idea of whether Peralta IS an option at 3b?

From what I’ve read (and this info changes from source to source), Jhonny plays 3rd in winter ball, although I don’t know how often. I would imagine he’ll be playing it a lot more coming this winter.

I also don’t think the plan is to move Jhonny, so much as the option is there — for all we know they could deal for Garrett Atkins in the off season.

No reason to jump the gun just yet.

I’d get some new sources. Peralta doesn’t play winter ball and hasn’t for the last couple years.

Maybe you meant he was tried there a few times in Spring Training? Which I THINK he has, but just a few times, cuz I don’t think it went that well if I remember the story right. But I mean, can you imagine him barehanding a bunt down the line? *cringe*

I’m just going to cite Anthony as my source for everything, whether it’s true or not.

So any chance Lewis gets another shot before the season’s over? Or will they just wait to see what he brings to camp next year?

Like the person above – I totally thought of you when (during the game last night) Matt Underwood was reminding us of the $5.00 ticket sale for the game “next Saturday”. The game he was talking about was the 1:05p start THIS Friday. Since it was already Wednesday, I would certainly think it should have been called “this”!


Please pardon me – …..about was the 1:05p start this SATURDAY.


Might as well make it 3 posts in 5 minutes…

I forgot to make mention – GO, SCOTT LEWIS!!!

Let’s be clear on this… Peralta hasn’t played 3B since 2004 with Triple-A Buffalo, when Brandon Phillips was at SS. Peralta did not play third at all in Spring Training.

I never said the Indians should move Peralta to third. I just think it could happen. And there’s a big, big difference there.

And it’s nice to see my feelings on “next” have created a legacy — albeit a lame one.

Anthony, you might be the only sportswriter in Ohio who hasn’t aggressively suggested Peralta move to third.

I don’t know that it’s my preference (particularly with so little info about his abilities there), but it is nice to have the option if the best bat available means Jhonny has to move over.

Also, we all know this is just your way of keeping that spot open for your boy Marte.

The iron fist has ruled on the previous experience of Peralta at 3rd. As much as I have suggested baiting him out, I think our best option just MIGHT be to leave him where he is. Wow, did I say that?

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