Bullington joins the Tribe

The mystery man who will make an emergency spot start for the Tribe during Saturday’s day-night doubleheader against the Royals is none other than right-hander Bryan Bullington, the former No. 1 overall pick of the Pirates in the 2002 Draft and one of many reclamation projects the Indians had going at Triple-A Buffalo.

Because Buffalo’s season ended a week ago, the Indians weren’t expected to call on any of the Bisons for this start. But Bullington, who was on the 40-man roster already, started that final game on Labor Day and he played catch the other day. He has joined the club in Baltimore and was expected to throw a bullpen session today.

Bullington, 27, was 1-3 with a save and a  4.75 ERA in 10 games, including eight starts, for Buffalo. While with the Pirates’ Triple-A club in Indianapolis earlier this year, he was 4-6 with a 5.52 ERA in 15 starts before he was designated for assignment on July 3.

Bullington, like David Letterman, went to Ball State. He missed all of 2006 due to right shoulder surgery, just one of many disappointments from his tenure with the Bucs.

On an unrelated note, Travis Hafner will, as expected, be officially activated Tuesday.

UPDATE (7:55 p.m.): Sharp-minded associate Andrew “The Scribble” Gribble has suggested a nickname for Bullington, should he be dealing Saturday. “Bullington K Factory.”

If you don’t get the reference, you’re not alone. I didn’t get it at first, either. It’s a take on Burlington Coat Factory.

So, who’s with the Scribble on this one?



Give the Srib’ some credit, I found it clever. However, I also laugh at pictures of cats with captions, so take it for what its worth.

I too laugh at the cats pictures with captions but Scribble has some potential. I like it.

Any indications why they’re going with Bullington instead of Lewis? Are they saving Lewis for the Aeros playoff series? I was looking forward to seeing him in the majors.

Lewis is still pitching for Reyes Wednesday. Bullington is the clean up starter for the double header this weekend against the Royals.

I got it right away AC. Not bad, but I think the lad can do better. Bullington defintiely needs something. Hmmmm,

#1 with a Bullington?

You know your team’s out of it when you’re thinking of nicknames for Bryan Bullington. How about Bryan “Now pitching for the Gary SouthShore Railcats” Bullington?

If he jogs to the mound will it be the “Running of the Bullington”? If he wins, will he be “Bullington on Parade”? I’m sorry I did that.

I think this thread officially needs to stop.


I know you wanted us to stop AC but, I can’t resist… How good is his fastball? You mess with the Bullington you get the fastball..

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