On call

A year ago, Cliff Lee was a September call-up. Tonight he won his 20th game.

I cannot guarantee similar success for the people listed below, but, nonetheless, I present to you the likely list of callups tomorrow, courtesy of Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News:

2B Josh Barfield, 1B Mike Aubrey, RHPs Brian Slocum, Tom Mastny and John Meloan, LHPs Aaron Laffey and Rich Rundles.

I’m particularly interested to see what Meloan brings to the table. Still not sure if the Indians will go with a six-man rotation that includes Laffey, as the Tribe’s upcoming probables beyond the Chicago series are TBD.

And as reported on the site, Travis Hafner will not be activated Tuesday. He wasn’t ready to play every day in Triple-A, and he’s not ready to play every day up here.


Cy Young or no Cy Young (but preferably Cy Young), I would say Cliff has that Comeback Player of the Year award locked up. Do you think the Indians will try to go to Cliff with an extension this offseason, maybe lock him up for another 4 or 5?

Is Rich Rundles even on the 40 man? Per usual, the Indians have a lot of off-season roster decisions to make. I’m assuming Crowe will have to be added. And J.D. Martin will have to be re-rostered. Is there a definitive source for who would be at risk in the next rule 5 if left off the roster? If not, it would be a great topic here.

Crowe definitely looks like he’ll get a shot. Jordan Brown seems to have earned it. Hafner’s line from last night looks pretty good, 1-3 and a walk.

And how about David Huff?

Are we using the H in John now for John Meloan? I could have sworn he was going by Jon Meloan for the longest time, and now it’s John Meloan all of a sudden?

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