Let kingdom come, I'm gonna find my way

If you read the last blog posting and the comments section, you know about the “Banks Hypothesis,” which states that weeks are to be looked at in blocks. So if you’re referring to the Wednesday that falls in the Sunday-Saturday range known as “next week,” it is to be referred to as “next Wednesday.”

But an astute reader, known as “magrathean,” pointed out that the Banks Hypothesis fails to account for the notion that on a Friday, no one would refer to the approaching Monday as “next Monday” (even though they should, in my opinion, because it is the next Monday, but my personal opinion on the “next vs. this” debate went out the window long ago).

I would be doing a disservice to the three or four readers of this blog if I didn’t give Jim Banks himself an opportunity to respond to magrathean’s points. So here it is:

“I think when you get within three days away, it’s “this” and at four days and beyond it’s “next.” So on Friday, it would be this Saturday, this Sunday, this Monday, but next Tuesday, next Wednesday, etc. Why? I don’t know, but for some reason that seems to be the right break, mentally, at least for me.”

Banks has spoken, people. Let us all absorb his words and move on with our lives.

Here are tonight’s lineups…

INDIANS (62-67): CF Grady Sizemore, LF Franklin Gutierrez, RF Ben Francisco, SS Jhonny Peralta, DH Shin-Soo Choo, 1B Ryan Garko, C Kelly Shoppach, 3B Andy Marte, 2B Asdrubal Cabrera. LHP Zach Jackson (0-0, 5.17).

TIGERS (64-66): CF Curtis Granderson, 2B Placido Polanco, RF Magglio Ordonez, 1B Miguel Cabrera, DH Gary Sheffield, 3B Carlos Guillen, LF Marcus Thames, SS Edgar Renteria, C Brandon Inge. RHP Armando Galarraga (12-4, 3.17).


  • Travis Hafner is still feeling soreness in his right shoulder and won’t be playing at Triple-A Buffalo today or Tuesday. Eric Wedge said this is not considered a setback, but obviously it’s not progress, either. Don’t expect Hafner or Josh Barfield to be activated before September call-ups. Victor Martinez might have a shot at an August activation, depending on how he tolerates catching Tuesday and DH’ing Wednesday.
  • Cliff Lee is only the second pitcher in MLB history to win 18 (or more) of his first 20 decisions for a losing team. The other was Ewell Blackwell of the 1947 Reds.
  • Correcting an item from a game story last week, Cliff Lee is just the fifth pitcher since 1969 to start out a season 18-2, according to Elias. The previous note had been that Lee was the fifth pitcher all-time. Thanks to reader Joe H. for pointing out Gaylord Perry’s 18-2 start for the Giants in 1966.
  • Garko is batting .321 (25-for-78) with five doubles, two homers and 18 RBIs in 21 games in August.
  • Grady Sizemore is on pace to drive in 99 runs. If he drives in 100, he would become just the second player in history to drive in 100 runs out of the leadoff spot. The first, according to Elias, was the Angels’ Darin Erstad in 2000.
  • Shoppach ranks third among Major League catchers with 15 homers and a .511 slugging percentage.
  • Tom Mastny is 1-2 with a 2.57 ERA in seven innings since his demotion to Triple-A Buffalo earlier this month.
  • CF Tim Fedroff, freshly signed to his first pro contract, is batting .349 with seven runs scored, four doubles and three RBIs in 11 games for Mahoning Valley.
  • Matt Ginter was activated off the DL and outrighted to Buffalo.

Lastly, to the reader who took issue with my use of the plural RBIs for runs batted in, as opposed to RBI — because “Runs” is the plural and “In” is not — I’m in your corner.

Unfortunately, the Associated Press Stylebook, to which I pledged my soul and first-born son during my freshman year of journalism school, insists that RBIs is the proper designation, so I am bound to it.



I briefly thought about shocking everyone and not commenting on these minutia(e), but then, what would I do between innings? Watch some creepy looking astrophysicist try to sell me a TV over and over again? I mean, really. Why on earth would it seem like “you need to be a physics professor to choose the right TV”? If I want to know where to find the nearest wormhole to Andromeda, I’ll call you, but seriously. Buying a TV?
But I digress (for a change). Does RBI really stand for “Runs Batted In”? Or does it stand for “Run Batted In”? You can refer to a single RBI, right? So maybe the plural really should be “RsBI”… Maybe the justification for “RBIs” is like why you’re supposed to say “spoonfuls” rather than “spoons full”: it’s a unitary thing, the RBI. It’s only a matter of time before the standard long way to say it is “Run Batted Ins”… Okay, probably not.

Also, just to make sure we’re clear (I don’t want to know what disaster might ensue if confusion on this issue continues), presumably the three day vs. four day dividing line only comes into play if the day in question already crosses a weekend boundary… I mean, obviously four days from today is “this Friday”, not “next Friday” (and similarly for Saturday, and actually, even Sunday, now that I think of it, which means that the day must span a full weekend to be “next”)… So the only case that requires the 3-day/4-day distinction is the Friday to Monday one. Thursday to Monday, or Friday to Tuesday is still “next”?

Your professional opinion, Anthony: how many saves would Lewis have to get by the end of the year to get the nod? He’s on a pace for 15 more chances, it seems.

Is there anything he could do that would make the front office decide not to spend money on a closer (and instead just seek out middle relief help)?

I thought tonight was pretty impressive. Big game, big moment, big save.


Didnt Brady Anderson hit over 100 RBI with the O’s in 1996 as leadoff? (The big 50 HR fluke year…)

Is the 40 man roster at 40? What corresponding move will be made to take Hafner off the 60 day? Or is it possible that he may never come off the 60 day?

Brady Anderson had 50 HR, 110 RBIs in 1996 for the Orioles. That is, unless he didn’t lead off for a few games, and had 90something RBIs when he was a leadoff hitter that season. He and Bonds are the only two players in MLB history to ever have 50 HR and 50 SB (not in the same season) in their careers, I believe.

AC, since the playoffs are not possible, it’s time to start watching individuals. With 32 games left, do you think Grady will get to join the 40-40 club?

I think Grady can easily get the 40 steals if he wants to. As for the home runs: if plays in every game the rest of the season and has 4 plate appearances every game he will have to hit a home run every 14.2 at bats. So far this season he has hit a home run every 16.2 at bats. Definitely possible!

40-man roster is at 38 so there is room for both Barfield and Hafner to be activated in September

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