Zach Attack

LHP Zach Jackson has been called up and will make Thursday’s start against the Orioles, in place of Paul Byrd. Jackson, one of three Minor Leaguers the Indians received in exchange for CC Sabathia (with a fourth still to come), was 3-1 with a 4.05 ERA in eight games, including four starts, at Triple-A Buffalo.

Aaron Laffey was passed over for this opportunity. The Indians have said they want to get Laffey straightened out before they bring him back up.



Great to hear we will be able to get a good look at Zach Johnson but what is happening to Laffey? What is up with his game that he is straightening out?

What is the Tribe’s position now with Andy Marte? He’s looking pretty darn good defensively and I have to believe he’s feeling a ton of his own pressure to perform offensively.

Good Luck to Zach. Keep him away from the relief pitchers.
There is some contagious virus that they carry. Poor, Laffey didn’t have enough postive anti-bodies to fight it off. It appears CC has recovered nicely, though.

I heard a rumor that ESPN is renaming their K-Zone to Gar K o- Zone?
Any truth to the rumor?
Can’t Mark “Bean Counter & Lack of Plan” Shapiro find a another trade where the Tribe gets nothing in return for Garko? Hard to believe some teams couldn’t use a power hitting 1Bman – Seattle, yeah, Seattle – oh, they are probably committed to going with youth, too. He probably couldn’t dislodge Miguel Cairo.
As long as he is swinging, oops, I mean waving – I am sure the ball will find his bat. Because his bat isn’t going to find the ball anytime soon.

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