Martinez, Barfield to rehab at Akron

Victor Martinez (right elbow surgery) and Josh Barfield (left middle finger surgery) will both begin a rehab assignment at Double-A Akron this week, with Barfield going out Thursday and Martinez on Friday.

Martinez will DH on Friday and Sunday, while Barfield will start at second base Thursday and play three innings.

The Aeros are only home through Sunday, so the two players will likely head to a new location after that point.

More info will be up on the site later.

UPDATE: Note the change on Barfield. His rehab begins Thursday, not Friday.


AC, you’re not part of the Hafner conspiracy are you? Having been sworn to secrecy.

Somethings up. I know the tribe head honchos are the leaders in mis-leading the media along with its fans. But this Hafner situation seems nothing short of shady.

“A sore shoulder”- thats what we’ve been given. So, sore as in “travis you take 3 to 4 at bats a game and sit the rest of the time, are you kidding me sore?” or “sore as in my shoulder is destroyed and far surpasses the idea of sore, sore?”

There is never a report on him given. No info in the papers. No info on the team site. (disclaimer: i say that humbly cause something small could have snuck by me) It just seems that a guy who the Indians have alot of money wrapped up in would be a little bit more of a headline, when it comes to his progress back to the game.

The last piece of information I got was, “DH Travis Hafner ran the bases on Sunday and looked really good.” WHAT!?! Superb information on a man with a SHOULDER injury. Appreciate it.

Anyways. I apologize for the rambling. But, honestly AC, this totally smells of “This guy has serious issues and it sucks that he has alot of our money, annnnnd what in the world are we gonna do with him.”

So, I wasnt sure with you being on the inside if you had any “legit” information on the Hafner situation or if you might be willing to shed some of your personal thoughts on the situation.

Hey AC, when the bus pulls out of Akron, ask Garko the bus driver to swing past Buffalo and pickup some more guys.
Give this list to Garko:
Aubrey, Mills, Crowe, or anybody else that thinks they can hit better than this:
D. Dellucci .253
S. Choo lf 3 0 0 0 1 1 1 .259
R. Garko 1b 4 0 0 0 0 1 2 .245
F. Gutierrez rf 4 0 1 0 0 0 1 .223
A. Marte 3b 3 1 1 0 0 1 1 .188
A. Cabrera 2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 .218

Also, see if there is any additional youth movement relief pitchers like Doonneellyy down there
Man, I love it when Shapiro’s lack of a plan comes together..

jroakleaf, you sure are a negative fella arent ya? I’m with you on most of those, however, except Choo and Cabrera. Choo, unlike Dellucci and Gut, doesn’t have a complete lack of ability to not swing and miss at a breaking ball, and he’s been looking pretty good the last week. Can’t forget the guy spent at least a year out of baseball with Tommy John. As for Cabrera, if I’m not wrong the guy has raised his average about 38 points since he came back? Plus he’s been hitting in clutch situations again, too. So hey, look at the positives.

hey cs266904-
no negative here, just doing my part to help wedgie.
really, don’t see the negative, just the facts.
rick manning has been saying on tv since april that the whole league knows Gut can’t hit a curveball, bust cabrera down and in, garko, well, he doesn’t say much

been up & down with the Tribe since 1955. Yeah, my error on Choo – I like him – speed, hitting, good arm, you feel he
will do something when he gets to the plate.

do you feel that way with Gut, garko, dellucci?
I’d rather watch aubrey, crowe learning here.

Cabrera – I’m watching, 2008 looks like how he finished 2007, maybe they should play him from August on.

But, that’s all I agree on.
The others are just plain boring.
If the Tribe is using year-end to look at others, then, we do not need to look anymore at garko waving, Gut flailing at curve balls and Delucci pinch hitting for Marte.
We need to see Aubrey, Crowe etal.

let’s get this blog moving, it’s dull here.

No I’m definitely with you on Gut, Marte and Dellucci. I haven’t made up my mind on Garko yet, but his sheer sloth-like mobility on the base paths doesnt help his case. As for what you’re saying on Aubrey and Crowe, I would have to say I agree but its hard to deal those other guys, mainly Marte and Gut who you at least wanna get some mid-level prospect out of, especially Gut who might draw a big trade if someone thinks they could straighten him out since he does have great defensive and speed. What just came to mind though is that I bet the Indians are waiting til roster expansion to bring anyone like that up, except Aubrey cuz he’s already been here, because after a certain time I THINK that it doesn’t count as a year of big league service.. which would be a big factor in Crowe cuz I’m not sure if we know if he’s a year or more or what away from letting Grady be a true 3hole hitter and takin the lead off.

Wow, that was way too long. Maybe AC can help us on roster expansion dates and the whole promotion without taking a year of service thingy?

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