Anthony works in a grocery store, but not for the Indians

Well, it appears I pulled a bit of a head-fake here. And it wasn’t even intentional. When I wrote the prompt below for someone to name the last Anthony to play for the Indians, I mistakenly assumed there was an Anthony who has played for the Indians.

Shortly after posting that item, I glanced down the Indians’ all-time roster to find — lo and behold — Anthony Reyes is the first. Unbelievable.

Bart Swain asked if Tonys — such as Tony Bernazard, Tony Curry, Tony Pena — should count, and answer is simple. No. No. A thousand times no. I hate the name Tony (apologies to all Tonys… or is it Tonies?) Tony has always struck me as the name of a plumber with greasy elbows (apologies to all plumbers… and all people with greasy elbows). I do not associate Anthonys with Tonys. We are separate entities entirely.

I turned to Bart and asked, “How could this be?” In their 107-year history, the Indians have had a Heinz, a Seabron, a Chico, a Coco, an Asdrubal, an Elmer, a Napoleon, a Barney, a Merten, an Ossee, a Bubba, a Tito and a Hoot, but never an Anthony?

Bart said, “If you think about it, there are very few Anthonys in baseball.”

“What are you trying to say?” I asked.

“It seems to me to be a general lack of talent,” he replied.

So thank you, Anthony Reyes. This is one for our side!


you’ve won this round…

tony castricone is coming for you and he’s coming hard.

ah damn, i didn’t mean that…

Alas, no, the records you search are not complete. As a young pup, my favorite Indians player was Tony Horton, properly named Anthony Horton:

A promising career cut short, but the man could hit.

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