Reyes, Donnelly coming up; Ginter to DL, Mastny optioned

Starter Anthony Reyes and reliever Brendan Donnelly will join the Tribe in Toronto on Friday. Reyes, brought into the organization in a trade with the Cardinals on July 26, will be called up from Triple-A Buffalo and will make Friday's start.


Donnelly, signed to a Minor League deal so that he could rehab after Tommy John surgery in the organization, will have his contract purchased from Buffalo.


To make room for the pair of pitchers, the Indians will place Matt Ginter on the 15-day disabled list with a right forearm strain and option reliever Tom Mastny to Buffalo.


The Indians acquired Reyes in the hope that he could put his struggles in the St. Louis rotation and bullpen behind him and help out their rotation going forward. Thus far, he's responded at Buffalo with a 2-0 record and 2.77 ERA in two starts.


Reyes, 26, was once considered the Cards' top prospect, and he won Game 1 of the 2006 World Series.


Donnelly is a former All-Star reliever with the Angels. He had a 1.58 ERA in 2003, serving as the setup man to Troy Percival.


After rehabbing in Winter Haven, Fla., for several months, Donnelly made two appearances at Class A Kinston and six at Buffalo. With the Bisons, he went 1-0 with a 1.50 ERA, striking out five and walking one in six innings.


While the Indians have no contractual claim to the 37-year-old Donnelly beyond this season, they want to get a look at him to know if he is worth pursuing for 2009.


byrd on saturday, lee on sunday then?

So, who makes room on the 40-man roster for Donnelly?

As Byrd was originally scheduled to start on Friday, what are the chances maybe a trade’s in the works?

Hmmm…my curiosity is getting pretty high. You gonna give us details on Byrdie, AC?

As an Ivy League graduate who has worked on 4 continents and current resident of Winter Haven, I was so blown away by the negative comments that Brendan Donnelly, his wife Rhonda and Anthony (ye, you) felt that you needed to make about his extra five weeks rehab time here. While we do have an older crowd during spring training who can come during the week on workdays to afternoon spring training games, there are other people who live here. I think its sad that after Tommy John elbow ligament surgery, a 37 year old is going back to competing for a spot on an already overloaded bullpen that is full of mismanaged talent and he considers himself so supier to both the guys already there and Winter Haven. I’m only sorry that neither he nor his wife had the social skills to make friends with any of the natives here to be invited to a sporting event, the chain of lakes on anyone’s boat, gator hunting, the center of the best Space Program of the entire world 90 miles away, Bok Tower gardens, Cypress Gardens, Southern hospitality, or to one of the 8 top beaches in the US all within 3 hours of Winter Haven. Sorry they were in such a hurry to get back to the armpit of the midwest ghetto which is Cleveland. How rude! We enjoyed having the TRIBE here. I guess we are blessed to have enough ANGELS, both current and former here that we won’t need anyone like Donnelly again. I’m sure the tribe management wouldn’t want comments like that in the press. No need to lift your leg on your way out. At least in the South, we have better manners. (:

…i don’t get it…?

Hey, kimberlycognac –

what the devil you talking about?

lay off pitting US cities against US cities – what’s the point?
In the South? current resident? worked on 4 continets?
What the Hell are you trying to say?
You don’t like Donnelly – we get it. Spare us the uppity life background crap

Remember 4th grade english class – state your objective,
describe in brief your message and summarize for your readers.

also, remember to start wearing a hat in that hot florida sunshine. Ivy league School studies show the sun affects your brain, even though you went to an Ivy League school, blah, blah, blah. – you probably already knew that, too.
p.s. I did not go to an Ivy league, worked on 1 continent, current resident of armpit ghetto Michigan, but, my neighbor knows someone who has a relative that lives in Orlando, where they have 4-5 murders a day.
Or is that not Florida or South enuf?
man, this is fun, I could go on all day, but, thanks for the tip on Bok Choi Gardens and your charming Southern hospitality – I am calling my travel agent for a one-way ticket to this utopia you call Winter Haven, even though, everything you mentioned is not in Winter Haven.
I cannot stop, this is too easy. AC, help?
Hey, how’s Garko swing look from Florida?

Ginter sounds like he went down with the JoBlo injury.

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