"I've got a fever…"

Somebody asked for a Happy Hoofers update from yesterday. I had it wrong... it wasn't so much a sock hop as it was a 1940s-style flapper dance. In any event, it was life-altering ... and likely not in a positive way.


I'm a much bigger fan of the Rays' "Defenders of the Game" cartoons, which, if you haven't already, you should check out here.


The Rays also encourage their fans to bring cowbells to the games and urge them on with Will Ferrell-inspired requests for "More Cowbell!"


I'll say this about The Trop, pop maching problems aside. If this team makes the playoffs, this could be a really, really tough place to play. It gets pretty loud in here when there's only 17,000 fans in the seats. Fill it up, get those cowbells going and add in the excitement of October baseball being played in this area for the first time, and it could be quite an atmosphere.


And I'm sure the Happy Hoofers will be very, very excited, as well.


Thanks for the update on the Happy Hoofers – and the suggestion to check out the Defenders of the Game.

What has been the most disturbing in-game moment so far, not game related?

The only thing annoying at the Trop is that they don’t have interior play by play coverage that is meaningful which is why you see true baseball fans with radios on their heads getting the play by play. Let me just say that this is not an “in game” issue but more one of “quality of experience for fans issue.” There were several things lost on us fans yesterday such as the fact that no one even noticed that Garko was taken out of the lineup for his arrogance in not trying to outrun his fair ball. He should have taken heed that Upton was already pre-bench yesterday by Maddon for not even trying to outrun a ball in the prior game. It’s merely pride that makes a “comfortable” baseball player not run the first baseline like a rookie being give his first chance would. Veterans often don’t want to look “uncool” with their colleagues giving their all. There are many highschoolers who could outrun MLB players to get to first base if they were promised an MLB paycheck. These two benchings will hopefully serve as a warning to all MLB players that there is a rookie just waiting to be called up from triple A and run with all his might to first base. It was a great baseball game for both sides yesterday. The “roving reporter, Alicia” needs to be taken out of the lineup as she simply does not have a voice for media-screechy, high pitched and undecipherable. The men around me asked me why wouldn’t the Ray’s management see through that, and even more vulgarly, what are her qualifications? The kids are cute, but you can’t understand a word she says….loud, high pitched garble garble garble. To correct for this annoyance, simply get your RAYS tv cameras down on the duggout on play related issues such as the throwing out of Garko, what the bullpen is doing and what the duggouts are doing and broadcast it INHOUSE, not just on tv. Enhance the visual experience for the fan. The only others who may be annoyed are the people who left early trying to beat the traffic that didn’t get to see the bottom of the ninth. I love baseball!…. Cognac

Tampa remends me a lot of us in ’95 – our first real taste of a shot at the big enchalada, their first real taste of any sucess. I was there Tuesday and Wednesday. The Rays were the only thing people were talking about – even more than Brett what’s-his-name. I agree with the commenter above – we had no clue what the hell was going on with Garko – we just thought that Wedgie had seen the light and traded him for some Piaya from The Columbia and a dance at Mons. My only problem was that I had wished I knew it was Parks & Rec day on Wednesday…I don’t have kids so my tolereance isn’t really high but geez let’s give a bazillion little rug rats thundersticks and not have their parents around… why didn’t they just give them each 2 dozen pixie sticks and withold the ritelin

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