Blake to the Dodgers in the works

The Indians and Dodgers are believed to be working out a trade involving Casey Blake, has learned.

Blake is expected to go to Los Angeles in exchange for Triple-A right-hander Jon Meloan and Class A catcher Carlos Santana (no, not the guitar player). This deal is not yet official but could be in a matter of hours.

Meloan is 5-10 with a 4.97 ERA in 21 games, including 20 starts, at Las Vegas this season. He was converted to starting work this year. Last year, at Double-A Jacksonville and Las Vegas, he was a combined 7-2, 2.03 ERA and 20 saves in 49 relief appearances.

Santana is a switch-hitting catcher batting .323 with 34 doubles, 14 homers, 96 RBIs, 69 walks and 59 strikeouts at Inland Empire.

More info will be posted on the site soon.


Both of them better come fully bearded with an incredibly sarcastic sense of humor or I’m turning on this team. He will miss the Bearded Wonder and hope to see him back under the Chief Wahoo come ’09.

I’m never buying another Indians jersey. They never keep anyone around long enough for me to get my money’s worth.

Also, in the midst of all these wonderful trades, I heard that they were thinking of moving the team to Miami if the attendance falls below 800,000…

If I ever see Charlie Sheen at a game, I’m gone.

Well, I guess I’m a Dodgers/Brewers fan now.

Steal of a deal for Shapiro. There is a realistic chance Blake re-signs in the off-season as well if they really want him back.

I’m excited about the two guys we got in return. Meloan looks like a strikeout machine and Santana can get moved to third or stay at catcher, but he has a little pop in his bat.

Nnnnnnooooooooo!! I cannot believe they traded him! I’m getting tired of trading players for minor league prospects that are ‘supposed to be good.’ How can you get rid of such a key player not only on the field but in the locker room? Who’s next… Grady for some prospects???

A steadfast member of the infield and now he’s gone. Wedge wants to Marte a better look?? Nothing would look better than Marte OUT of an Indians jersey. He’ll be a minor league player all his career. This is one more tribe fan that has had it with this team!! With the outrageous prices we pay for tickets, concessions and air filled brooms, we need to put our foot down and stop going ot the games. To let a workman like Blake go is ridiculous. Marte?????…..give me a break.

Relax folks, Blake is a free agent after the season. The Indians aren’t going anywhere this year anyway. The may have gotten 2 prospects for him and could wind up re-signing him in the off season. They have to play Marte now, so we’ll know for sure how big of a dud he is. I like Blake as well, but they didn’t just let A-Rod get away.

mdlasher, i totally agree with you. i know everyone is expecting us to comeback out of nowhere & be in contention & i’m not trying to be pessimistic, just realistic. besides, who didn’t see this coming anyways? i surely did. you never know, he may be back next year. only time will tell.

So I saw that Pronk was moved to the 60-day dl. Guess we won’t be seeing him again this season. What’s the update on his shoulder?

hrvatprincess, the Pronk move was just a paperwork thing they said on the air tonight, which I believe because he’s already been out over 60 days, which means the move from 15 to 60-day is virtually meaningless.

Oh, ok. Thanks cs! I didn’t get a chance to watch most of the game.

Who are you people? This was an extraordinary haul for a 35 Y.O., mediocre, soon-to-be free agent.

What are the indians doing trading away there best players?? Who’s next Sizemore,Lee??? I guess the only way to stay on this team this year is to be hurt or just to be an under achiever, Does Shapiro and Wedge think that marte is a better player than blake? I think the only two moves that should have made this year was the firing of both Wedge and Shapiro, really is Shapiro on the payroll of the White Sox, Twins, Tigers, and Royals. I’m a season ticket holder who will not go to another game this year and will not be getting tickets next year unless both Wedge and Shaprio are gone and either Blake or Sabathia are back. Does anyone know if its to early to get my Casey Blake Dodger Blue jersey yet. Go DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Shaprio I have another BLOCKBUSTER trade that i know you would be itching at the trigger to pull, are you ready for this its right down your alley and would destory the team for the next few seasons which i think is your goal. How bout you send Cliff Lee and Grady Sizemore to the White Sox or Twins in return for a TRIPLE A grounds keeping prospect and a DOUBLE A hot dog vending prospect. I know you love getting prospects that never pan out for major league stars, plus that way with the two new prospects you would get more production on and off the field than what your get the rest of this season with Marte, Carroll, Francisco and Cabrera combined.

Anthony, shouldn’t there be some kind of Baseball Knowledge quiz to leave comment? I’m pretty sure we’d never hear from mepuppy01 again if you could get that working.

This trade is great for the Indians. Yes, Blake was a versatile player, who never complained and led in the clubhouse. But he was also thirty-four and on the brink of free agency. Insead of potentially losing Blake for two unknown draft picks we now have a Victor Martinez type catcher in Carlos Santana–who leads all minor league player with 96 RBIs–and a potential big-league closer in Jon Meloan.

Further, Shapiro made it clear to Blake that he intends to pursue him as a free agent this offseason. So consider this: At the beginning of next season we may have three major league caliber players for the price of not having Casey Blake on our roster for two and a half months of a season in which we have no hope of winning anything. In addition, we get to look at Andy Marte and Ryan Garko, allowing the team to decide whether they stay or go.

This trade helps the Indians in multiple ways and in the end we might end up adding two players and losing none.

Right on reidmay! When will people learn the tribe are not the Yankees or Boston and we can’t afford to just go out there and buy a pennant. 2007 showed that Shapiro knew what he was doing when he traded Colon ( to great uproar and dismay), and a few years later we were one game shy of being in the World series with a bunch of developed prospects, and Casey Blake, a 2003 Spring-training non-roster invitee who was considered a career minor leaguer who’d been round a number of clubs. Never fear, Casey will be back next year if we can afford his market price. Let’s face reality, we aren’t in contention and will need a miracle to get to the postseason. Calm down people and let’s hope Marte can grab this opportunity like Asdrubal Cabrera did last year.

Couple questions to ponder:

How many roster moves/lineup changes have been made for Andy Marte’s sake?

How many of these close-to-the-deadline trades have benefitted the Indians, other than serving as a way to dump salary?

Good luck Casey (sniff, sniff), you deserved better than this.

Easy, naysayers. As mentioned already, our Tribe is out this year. Casey is a free agent at the end of the year and maybe we’ll get him back (much more likely than CC). Now we can see what Marte has and get a real feel for what we need in ’09. Oh, and bern, “you deserved better than this”? They sent him to a contender, rather than just play out the next 50-some games he can play for a team in the race. What’s better than that? I’m actually quite happy about it, living in LA. Now I get to see Casey in Dodger blue everyday! Go Dodgers and go TRIBE!

Man, some of these posts remind me of those commercials that used to air about people who talk sports out of their rear-ends. I loved watching Casey play as much as anyone, but as many people have pointed out, the dude was not an all-star. Now we have two prospects who seem to have some good potential, and we might even get Casey back. Even if we don’t, it was the right move to make. RBI wise, and hitting with runners in scoring position, Casey is having his best year yet, and the Indians maximized their results, buy trading high with him. A lot of people who are complaining about trading Casey, were probably calling for Shapiro to trade Cliff Lee in the offseason. Shapiro has done a pretty good job running a mid-market team, but a lot of so called “fans” seem to look at every acquisition that Shapiro has made where a player didn’t turn in to Alex Rodriguez, and act like the guy has no idea what he is doing. If this team is just as bad next year as they are this year, than maybe it would be time to talk about Shapiro and /or Wedge being fired, but how quickly people have forgotten that those two people got the team within one game of the World Series about 9 months ago, and it certainly wasn’t their fault that Sabathia and Carmona picked the Boston series as their time to be completely ineffective.

Eric – I was trying to be a little mellowdramatic – that’s why I had the sniff-sniff in there.

Hey bern1025, you must not follow the Indians very much. You said: “How many of these close-to-the-deadline trades have benefitted the Indians, other than serving as a way to dump salary?”

Remember when the Indians traded Broussard for Choo in 2006? Does Broussard even play in the Majors anymore?

Oh, and if my memory serves me correctly, the Indians traded 1B Perez for Asdrubal Cabrera that same year. Perez currently works for Baseball Tonight.

Also, they traded Wickman for catcher Max Ramirez in 2006. Then the Indians weren’t very smart to trade Ramirez for Lofton last year. Now, Lofton and Wickman are free agents or retired, and Ramirez is playing for the Rangers, making Webgem double plays from his back.

Trading old, proven talent for young players when you aren’t going to compete this year is the best and only way to go. I’m wondering when Bryd will be gone…

Casey wasn’t a salary dump; Cleveland is picking up a chunk of his salary. It was a fantastic trade, as virtually all of the outsiders who actually know something about baseball have said. Casey is an average hitter and below-average defender who also happens to be a 34 year-old free agent to be. In exchange for doing without his services for a couple of months in a lost season, the team gets a catcher who is leading all of the minors in RBI (albeit in a hitters’ league) and a AAA reliever who may have closer’s stuff. If they really want Casey back, they can sign him in the offseason.

Marte is doing just fine, now that he is playing on a regular basis. In July, he’s hitting .265 with an .811 OPS. That OPS trails only Sizemore, Peralta and Shoppach among current Indians.

Finally, this team has made any number of good trades. Lee, Sizemore, Cabrera and Choo all came via trade. Next year, you’ll likely add LaPorta to that list, and in 2010 or 2011, you’ll get Santana and the PTBNL in the Sabathia trade.

Also, bern1025, I don’t think this move has anything to do with Marte. Yes, it’s a nice side effect that he’ll be playing regularly now (because we need to see what he has), but Casey was going to go regardless of who ended up at third.

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