Excruciating minutia from Thursday's workout…

Courtesy of associate reporter Andrew Gribble, known in some circles as “The Scribble”…

  • Josh Barfield is now four weeks removed from surgery on the middle finger on his left hand. He is playing catch out to 120 feet, he took groundballs Thursday and he gripped a bat for the first time since surgery Thursday, as well. According to head athletic training Lonnie Soloff, Barfield could be two to three weeks away from returning.
  • Victor Martinez, five weeks removed from elbow surgery, will begin swinging from both sides of the plate in a week. He is already doing running exercises. He is no longer feeling any pain in his the hamstring that had been bothering him. He is about three weeks removed from game activity, according to Soloff.
  • Fausto Carmona is scheduled to throw five innings/80 pitches Saturday at Akron. Eric Wedge said “more than likely” that will be Carmona’s final rehab outing before rejoining the Tribe.
  • Soloff said he is “very optimistic” about Travis Hafner’s right shoulder condition, which has improved to about 65 percent strength. The Indians will recheck the strength of the shoulder in a week, when they return from the road.
  • Lastly, Wedge had this to say about the All-Star Game going into extras: “Just play nine innings and be done with it. If it’s a tie score, flip a coin and whoever wins … you know, it’s home-field advantage. At least then you can know how long going in, you can get all the players you need to get in and stay away from all the people you need to stay away from.”


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Thanks for the update with the MASH unit.

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