Fausto on the mend…

Fausto Carmona (strained left hip) made his first rehab appearance at Class A Lake County tonight. He went four scoreless innings in which he allowed just one hit and struck out three.

Look for Carmona to make at least one more rehab start before he’s ready to rejoin the rotation. More details on that when they’re available.


Someone on Pro Sports Daily stated that the Indians traded Casey Blake and Aaron Laffey to the Pirates for Andrew McCutchen, Damaso Marte and a PTBNL. Is this true, or was someone making it up?

I would say that trade rumor is nothing more than a rumor? Why would we trade Blake to the Pirates, when his name has been brought up by many contenders. It just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Unrelated to Carmona, but I would like to know if you, AC, or anyone else could help me out: does Garko still have an option year left? Or would we need to expose him to send him down?

I also can’t imagine us dealing Laffey. I’d say we’ll end up dealing Casey for prospects.

For casey we will be happy to get a low ceiling Triple A pitcher who is out of favor at his team and probably a mid-ceiling AA prospect. Think back to Perez and Broussard in 2006.

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