There were bottles too, one for me and you, and he said, "Hey, there you are"

Van Morrison is performing at Fox Theater, across the street from Comerica Park, tonight. What do you say we blow this game off and check out Van the Man?

What’s that? You want to see the Indians snap/prolong their losing streak (depending on your level of optimism)? All right, fine.

But speaking of concerts, MLB announced today that Sheryl Crow, 3 Doors Down and Josh Groban will be performing as part of next week’s All-Star Game festivities at Yankee Stadium. And Bon Jovi will be playing an All-Star show in Central Park. Absolutely none of this excites me. Although my buddy Hoinski and I once got free tickets to a Bon Jovi show and found it tolerable. Of course, the Budweisers helped immensely.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. The Indians. Here are tonight’s lineups…

INDIANS (37-52): CF Grady Sizemore, 2B Jamey Carroll, LF Ben Francisco, SS Jhonny Peralta, 1B Casey Blake, RF Shin-Soo Choo, DH Ryan Garko, 3B Andy Marte, C Sal Fasano. RHP Paul Byrd (2-9, 5.26), who hasn’t won a game since his last start here on June 6.

TIGERS (45-44): CF Curtis Granderson, LF Clete Thomas, 3B Carlos Guillen, 1B Miguel Cabrera, RF Matt Joyce, DH Gary Sheffield, SS Edgar Renteria, 2B Ramon Santiago, C Dane Sardinha. RHP Eddie Bonine (2-1, 4.30).


  • Franklin Gutierrez hasn’t notched a hit since June 15. He is 0-for-his-last-32.
  • Ryan Garko is 5-for-his-last-38 and has just nine hits in his last 56 at-bats. And four extra-base hits since May 16.
  • Ben Francisco, thrust into the No. 3 spot of the lineup, is batting .175 (11-for-63) over his last 17 games.
  • David Dellucci is batting .167 (10-for-60) over his last 21 games. 
  • Grady Sizemore now has 100 career homers and 100 career steals with the Indians. He’s the second Tribe player to achieve that feat. Joe Carter (pictured with my boy Cory Snyder in everybody’s favorite magazine cover) was the first.
  • Oh, speaking of the Sizemore-Carter connection, Grady is on pace for 40 homers and 38 stolen bases. Carter is the only Indinas player to have a 30/30 season. He did it in 1987. Overall, the feat has been accomplished 13 times in MLB history, with Alfonso Soriano the last to do it in 2005. Only four players — Alex Rodriguez, Jose Canseco, Alfonso Soriano and Barry Bonds — have achieved 40/40.
  • The Indians’ 15-30 road record is the worst in the AL.
  • Oh, and here’s something to start thinking about — the Indians are in danger of grabbing the AL’s worst record. They are 2 1/2 games ahead of Seattle (35-55) in that race.
  • The Tribe’s team ERA since June 1 is a ghastly 5.61.
  • A guy I know from Milwaukee was at CC’s debut with the Brewers last night and compared it to the Beatles at Shea Stadium. The crowd gave Big C a rousing welcome, and he, as I’m sure you know, delivered the win. But perhaps that should be no surprise. All three Cy Young winners who have been dealt the season after winning the award — Frank Viola, David Cone and Sabathia — won their debut with their new club. 


Note: A special thanks to thomefan27 for saving me on the previously erroneous 40/40 note. You are the wind beneath my wings.



For the first time ever, I find myself disappointed in you. A-Rod and Jose Canseco are NOT the only men to achieve a 40-40 season. Barry Bonds and Alfonso Soriano also have this milestone to their credit.

This can’t possibly be the first time.

I wouldn’t lie. But since you modified your entry sans an editor’s note in my honor, we’re on the verge of history.


AC OMG i´ve been a cleveland indians fans my whole life. Ok thats not the point. I knew that the indians were playing too BADDD butt that numbers are impressive. Nobody is doing NOTHING. nobody wants that team to get going again. U see them play u see the dogout u see each player they dont feel the ball game dont express anything. When u see the rays type of play. the dogout they are all laughs and nice baseball.
I know the indians have a lot of injuries but i think the real problem is the feeling. What do you think AC? . Do you think this season is over for the indians?. They will try to restructurate the team or what?.

After reading Andrew Gribble’s story about Cabrera’s minor adjustments that have helped his batting average, how about we just send the whole Major League roster down to Triple-A and see how that works?
How are four guys batting under .200 over the past month? Batting .250 is embarrasing, I’m sure. But under .200?! Come on!

This goes well beyond my expectations. And now my 15 minutes are up, but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend them anywhere else but your blog. On a side note, and in response to the comment above, how about promoting the manager and hitting coach instead of demoting the hitters?

Hey, you’re wrong on the 30/30 thing. Someone the Tribe knows all too well did it last year for the Reds. Good Ole’ BP did it. BP got 30 homers and 32 SB last year in a season where he should have won the Gold Glove also.

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