Summing it up…

All you need to know about the Indians’ 2008 season is that Matt Ginter will be their starter Saturday against the Rays.

Carry on.


So that make or break road-trip we were on turned out pretty well, ay?

It is kind of interesting, or ridiculous, to see how the starting pitching depth that everyone talked about before the year started, has completely blown up, with Lee, Sowers and Laffey, the three guys fighting for the fifth spot in the rotation, now all in the rotation, the next guy on the list, Adam Miller, done for the year, and now moving on to people that probably were not even on the organizational radar at the outset of the season, making starts.

This could be a very long second half.

Since we’re in extended spring training/gong show mode for the remainder of the season, I’m hoping that the players who are out with injuries will take their sweet time and fully recover rather than rushing back for “Major League IV: The One Without A Happy Ending.”

Useless fact: Matt Ginter was on the “Oh Say Can You Sing” CD of MLB Players a couple years ago.

Anyone notice that Anthony Castrovince is starting to sound more and more like Harry Doyle from “Major League” everyday…

“Hello, Tribe fans, welcome to Major League Baseball… sort of. The attendance today is 14 hundred and 12. Most of them left after that 10 run inning the Red Sox put up. Take over Monty, I’m in the bag.”



I’m a diehard, but this is getting brutal.

Signs that your team is utterly embarrasing:
1) Cannot get 1 run across with the bases loaded and 0 out.
2) Jeff Weaver was “considered” to be a “replacement” for CC Sabathia
3) 4 of your superstars go on the DL
4) Your first baseman has 6 home runs
5) Your utility outifelder is in an 0-32 funk

P.S. Do you think Shoppach will eventually start next year with Victor moving to first? 7 home runs for a backup is quite impressive.

AC – Who….

I’ve got some more useless trivia featuring future former Cleveland players….
Did you know that Bill Lambeer played the part of a Sleestack on TV’s Land of the Lost (When was in High School) Hissssssssssss

Marshall, Will and Holly
On a routine expedition
When the greatest earthquake even known
High on the rapids
Struck their tiny raft
and plunged them a 1,000 feet below

I always thought it strange they could out run a t-rex but got cornered by slow moving giant lizards who couldn’t really move their arms

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