Everybody wants to be the man at the top

Greetings from the Motor City, which, one month after our last visit here, remains a dump.

Sat in on Jim Leyland’s pregame meeting with reporters, and that’s always a study in how two human beings who have the exact same job can approach it in different ways. I’m talking, of course, about how much different Leyland is than Wedge. Leyland smokes, he cusses, he speaks his mind without pretense or much care what you think. He is the anti-Wedge.

Case in point: Leyland was talking about Sunday’s 15-inning, 2-1 win in Seattle.

“That was a boring game,” Leyland said (though, in truth, another word that I can’t print here snuck into the mix). “I would have rather watched the Perrysburg water tower rust.”

Now that’s color.

Here are tonight’s lineups for the first game of the post-CC Sabathia Era…

INDIANS (37-51): CF Grady Sizemore, 2B Jamey Carroll, 3B Casey Blake, SS Jhonny Peralta, RF Shin-Soo Choo, C Kelly Shoppach, DH David Dellucci, 1B Ryan Garko, LF Franklin Gutierrez. On the mound is LHP Jeremy Sowers (0-4, 7.53), who now has an opportunity to stick around the rotation for a while.

TIGERS (44-44): CF Curtis Granderson, 2B Placido Polanco, LF Marcus Thames, 1B Miguel Cabrera, DH Gary Sheffield, C Ivan Rodriguez, SS Edgar Renteria, RF Clete Thomas, 3B Ryan Raburn. RHP Justin Verlander (5-9, 4.34).


  • RHP Scott Elarton has been transferred from the restricted list to the 15-day disabled list with a non-baseball medical condition. Elarton is dealing with some personal issues and is out indefinitely. The Indians now have six players on the DL.
  • Do you want the good news or the bad news on Double-A outfielder Trevor Crowe? He was named the Eastern League Player of the Month after batting .400 with 32 runs scored, four homers and 24 RBIs in 25 games. And now the bad news… he’s been placed on the DL with a a left intercostal strain. Not sure of his timetable at the moment.
  • Akron’s game against Bowie was rained out tonight, so Matt LaPorta’s debut will have to be pushed back a night. 
  • The Indians currently have a 24-man roster, but that will change when reliever Juan Rincon is called up from Buffalo tomorrow. 
  • Sizemore is going to use bench coach Jeff Datz as his pitcher for next week’s Home Run Derby. So, please, save your jokes about him using Paul Byrd.
  • With Sabathia gone, Cliff Lee is now the longest-tenured Indian on the active roster. He joined the club in 2002.
  • The current eight-game losing streak is the Indians’ longest since August of 2004, when they lost nine in a row at one point.

One last note: Casey Blake, when told of Sabathia’s newly discovered preference for “CC” over “C.C.”: “Is he going to be like Ichiro now and just have ‘CC’ on the back of his jersey?”

Blake also joked that he’d like to be referred to as “KC” instead of “Casey” from this point forward. 



If Byrd pitched the derby for Grady it would be perfect, he is used to not getting anyone out and serves up gopher balls all day (sorry AC, someone had to do it).

It is too bad Elarton is having issues, it would have been a great opportunity for him to start.

man the indians played horrible today. didn’t seem like they even wanted to be out there. i hadn’t seen the tribe for a month until today and damn, what a nosedive!

PS: only the rawest badasses can rip on the city of detroit! everytime i visit this blog it’s another pot-shot at the city. all that reflexive hatred can only mean 1 thing: u must have experienced some intense pyschological trauma here as a kid once. if thats the case, sorry bro. detroit has its victims.

Woo, Casey… whoops, I mean “KC,” was on fire with the jokes, wasn’t he?

I was going to correct you about your claim that Cliff Lee is the longest tenured Indian, but I see you threw “on the active roster” in there. Otherwise it would be Jake Westbrook, correct?

I drove up to the game tonight… and I agree; it’s a dump.

Are we going to be getting any injury updates before the All-Star break? No news has not been good news in our case.

Yes, Westbrook is the longest-tenured member of the Tribe. Lee is the longest on the active roster.

AC damn – no Byrd jokes

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