"You promised a kid in a hospital that I would hit two home runs?"

In case you missed it in all the CC hoopla, Grady Sizemore has committed to doing the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium next Monday. Here’s a link to the story.


sweet! i’m excited for him! hope he does well! =)

I guess I hope he does well, but I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t, because I don’t want him to screw up his swing, as he even though he leads the league, I don’t think he has a typical home run swing. Hope it all works out for him though, both in the derby, and the rest of the season.

I was kind of hoping Grady would take it easy over the all-star break. Kid needs to rest up to carry the team for the second half of the season. Anyway, good luck Grady.
BTW: None of the uber-fabulous Red Sox & Yankees can’t lower themselves to compete in the Home Run Derby? Any ideas who the other contestants may be?

I’m so happy he’s doing the derby! I think he’s gonna kick some major… In this season that could have been, at least Grady is remaining a constant we can count on.

Now I have to watch that stupid thing? Can’t wait for awful Berman to say, “He hit that one to Coney Island” or whatever other suburb he decides to use. Well, go Grady anyways!

Berman is unbearable. Bring your mute button.

If he wins, will he FINALLY be moved down in the order?

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