No mo' Joe Bo?

Before tonight’s game, Eric Wedge was asked, essentially, if Borowski is still the closer.

This was his cryptic response:

"I had a feeling that question would come up," Wedge said. "We've got an off day [Thursday]. We're going to be meeting, we're going to be talking, we've got a lot of things that we've got to work through right now. We'll be working on the off day to try to solidify some things, make some decisions and go from there."


Not exactly a ringing endorsement, so it will be interesting to see what Wedge has to say Friday in Minneapolis. For now, Wedge said he won't be using Borowski in tonight's game, because Borowski worked each of the last two days.


If a move is made at closer, it's pretty obvious Masa Kobayashi would make the most sense to inherit the job. Then again, the Indians must be careful with how they use Kobayashi going forward, as he only pitched 47 1/3 innings in Japan last year and he's already pitched 40 this season.


ill be waiting.

Any word on when Dellucci will get released?

Also, any word on when Garko gets sent to Single A?

Aaaaaaaaaand, he’s gone.

JoBo is gone…..he was a nice guy! Paul Byrd is a nice guy, but he’s gotta go to, along with Delucci! I would rather give a few guys in AAA and AA a chance and I’m sure they would do at least as well as the above mentioned while gaining valuable major league playing time. I just don’t understand why the managerial team of the Indians wait so long before taking action. I hope we get a good package for CC, because the Blue Jays have put AJ Burnett on the market at what I suppose would be a much lower price. I’m sick of “next year, fans” and want to see swift action in the future. Patience, my a**….I want to win NOW!

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