You look just like a commie and you might just be a member, get out of Denver baby go

We’re getting out of Denver after tonight’s game, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. This is a great city and great ballpark.

But every time I think of Denver, I think of something my dad used to tell me about when he would come here on business quite often in the 1990s. It seems they used to have a Christmas tree hanging upside down in the middle of downtown. When my dad inquired as to the reason for this, he was told it was a “metaphor for nature.” It’s been about 15 years, and I still don’t know what that means. Somebody, englighten me. Please.

While you’re chewing on that riddle, make room to chew on these lineups and get excited for the Sal Fasano Era…

INDIANS (33-39): CF Grady Sizemore, 2B Jamey Carroll, LF Ben Francisco, 1B Ryan Garko, SS Jhonny Peralta, 3B Casey Blake, RF Franklin Gutierrez, C Kelly Shoppach, LHP Jeremy Sowers.

ROCKIES (30-42): CF Willy Tavares, SS Omar Quintanilla, LF Matt Holliday, 3B Garrett Atkins, 1B Jeff Baker, RF Brad Hawpe, C Yorvit Torrealba, 2B Doug Bernier, LHP Jorge De La Rosa.


  • Got a Travis Hafner update for you, but it’s really not much of an update. Dr. James Andrews concurred with the original evaluation made by the Indians’ medical staff and recommended that Hafner continue strengthening his rotator cuff and shoulder girdle, while getting strength checks every seven to 10 days. Hafner will continue his current shoulder strengthening routine. We’ll be talking with head trainer Lonnie Soloff about this in a little bit, so look for more info on the site.
  • Six more Draft picks have been signed by the Tribe. They are: INF Jason Rodriguez (15th round, University of Nevada-Reno), LHP Kaimi Mead (18th round, Hawaii Pacific), OF Ryan Blair (21st round, Cal St. Sacramento), INF Kevin Fontanez (24th round, PR Baseball Academy), RHP Steve Smith (28th round, Ouachita Baptist U.), and LHP Russell Young (28th round, Dartmouth College). The Indians have now signed 17 of their 50 selections, including nine of their first 15. 
  • According to the latest Baseball Prospectus postseason odds report, the Indians have a 4.14 percent chance of winning the AL Central and a .31 percent chance of winning the Wild Card. The White Sox have a 78.69 percent chance of winning the division, the second-place Twins (interestingly) are at 3.25 percent and the third-place Tigers (also interestingly) are at 12.95 percent.
  • The Indians are on pace to be hit by 110 pitches this season, which would shatter the club record of 80, set last year. It also would break the American League record of 92, set by the Blue Jays in 1996.
  • The Tribe has lost six straight and seven of its last eight road Interleague games since 2007. Tonight, the Indians will look to avoid getting swept in Coors Field for the second time in as many visits here (the last coming in 2003).
  • Cliff Lee has regained the AL ERA lead with a 2.55 mark. He ranks third in the Majors.



Way to go on the Seger lyrics today. Maybe the Tribe will find the Fire Inside those bats or they can provide and American Storm of runs. Even better, maybe we can Turn the Page on this recent downslide… I’ll stop there.

P.S. Any employment tips from an old OU grad to a new one?

“Metaphor for nature” I have no idea, but it leaves more room under the tree for presents. Unfortunately the trade deadline is in August, not December. If it was you could make some joke about teams hanging their Christmas tree upside down to make room for the robust CC Sabathia.

On a different note, I’m making the over/under for Travis Fryman managing the Indians at 4 years.

If they don’t do the things you suggested, Cody, I have a feeling C.C. will be singing “Roll Me Away.”

As for tips, I would offer this one… stay in Athens as long as humanly possible.

Anthony – Did you run into any southern funky shcool teachers….

So is the next caption going to be ode to Randy Newman (maybe a bit to obvious), Tom Petty (OK “freefalling” might be to harsh a reality about now), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ry Cooder (awesome song), LL Cool J (“No, I don’t think so”), Jerry Jeff Walker (good one for leaving LA), Lightning Hopkins (if we lose this series). Sheryl Crowe, lots of other too.. If we lose the first game – I say go with Loudan Wainright ‘s “Gray in L.A.”

With surgery for Jake, Josh & Victor Maybe a spin on Bryan Adams (“Cuts Like a Knife”) might be appropriate this year.

I don’t know which is worse, the downward spiral we can’t seem to get out of or my inability to watch any games. Living in NYC I can only take pleasure in the idiots on the subway wearing Yankees 2007 Playoff memorabilia. They are stealing Cleveland’s signature move – proudly displaying memories of failed seasons past.

Master of excruciating minutia – any evidence that the postseason odds reports ever hold throughout the season?

And I’ll second the advice to never leave Athens…the

my cut off sentence advised that the

It’s too late fellas, I’m outta Athens and miss it already. Cleveland might be the new home soon though, so I can’t complain too much.

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