Martinez, Barfield to the DL; Haad, Velandia coming up

Bad news on all fronts from the Tribe today. Catcher Victor Martinez (right elbow inflammation) and second baseman Josh Barfield (left middle finger sprain) are both headed to the 15-day disabled list, and the contracts of catcher Yamid Haad and infielder Jorge Velandia were purchased from Triple-A Buffalo.

Obviously, the Indians will have to make two other moves on the 40-man to clear room for Haad and Velandia. Those moves have not been announced.

Also, no word yet on whether Martinez’s injury will require surgery or how long to expect him out. I’d venture to guess this won’t be a short trip to the DL, though.

Eric Wedge revealed Wednesday night, after Martinez left the game with the Twins, that Martinez has been battling the elbow issue — in addition to his left hamstring strain — all season. He had an MRI performed today.

Barfield was just called up three days ago to take over at second base, but he sprained his finger while checking his swing in an at-bat Tuesday night.

If you guessed that, at any point this season, we’d see Haad and Velandia, go get yourself a lotto ticket.

UPDATE (5:40 p.m. ET): Martinez will have arthroscopic surgery to remove loose bodies in his elbow tomorrow at the Cleveland Clinic. He won’t be back for at least six to eight weeks. More info will be up on the team site in a little bit.

As for the 40-man moves, the Indians will move Jake Westbrook on the 60-day DL, and Oneli Perez will be designated for assignment.

Also, I had an error in the story that was up on the site earlier. Asdrubal Cabrera is eligible to come back up because of the Barfield injury, but the Indians left him down there to get his bat straightened out.


This sucks. Goodbye playoffs.

Man, if you would told of me that in Mid-June we would have Fausto, Jake, Travis and Victor on the DL, I would have called you a liar. And now I would be apologizing. This is crazy, but yeah, I would say at this point, it is going to be incredible if we make the playoffs. Not that I am giving up yet, but if we do, it would be one hell of a story.

hello, Sam Zell – Still in the market for a Cy Young winning pitcher?

Anyone think that maybe Victor will be having tommy john surgery? That would probably spell the downfall of this organizationa and emmidialtly spark a firesale.

Hello, 2009! Can’t wait to see you!

So wait, THIS is what makes everyone decide the season is done with? Losing a guy who hit .210 for the past 2 months with 0 home runs, and Barfield? This might be demoralizing to the team, but it’s somewhat heartening really to know there’s a good reason Martinez wasn’t hitting, that he hadn’t just started to suck. Bottom line, having Shoppach in is an offensive upgrade over injured Martinez. And whoever’s playing 2B now is replacing a guy hitting .184 and a guy hitting .000, so it’s not really possible to lose much offensively with this move. If Carmona can get back in a couple weeks healthy, and Hafner could somehow regain his health and form, they still have a chance … with all of these mystery injuries though, I have to wonder how long it is before Betancourt’s on the disabled list too … And it also makes me seriously question their decision making, we’ve had Borowski, Martinez and Hafner playing injured and playing BADLY, why? They should’ve pulled Martinez 1 month ago. He could have been ready to come back now at 100%, instead he was in the lineup not hitting, and now he’s probably out for a much longer time than he would’ve been

And the Hits just keep on Coming!!!

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