Don't forget the Motor City

Yesterday I ripped Detroit for its casino-driven crime and grime. Today, partly inspired by the scorching performance of Jack White and his fellow Raconteurs that I caught at the Fillmore Theater last night, I’d like to praise it for its music scene.

I grew up in Cleveland, the supposed birth place of rock and roll. It’s where Alan Freed allegedly coined the phrase “rock and roll,” and now we have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to show for it. (Of course, the fact that the city put up about $60 million to fund the construction of the building is the real reason it’s in Cleveland).

Detroit, I must say, has Cleveland beat in the rock department. I would go so far as to say Detroit is more deserving of the Rock Hall. It’s the birthplace of Bill Haley, it’s the birthplace of Mitch Ryder, the birthplace of Bob Seger, and, above all else, the birthplace of Motown. And recent exports like Eminem, Kid Rock and the White Stripes may or may not pique your particular interest, but you can’t argue their impact or, at the least, their Billboard presence.

So kudos, Detroit. Musically, you are well ahead of Cleveland, birthplace of, um, Michael Stanley.

This is the last in what has felt like a 19-game series at Comerica Park. Grady Sizemore is out of the lineup, getting a rare day off. Josh Barfield, fresh off his promotion from Buffalo, is in the lineup.

INDIANS (28-35): CF Franklin Gutierrez, LF Ben Francisco, 1B Victor Martinez, DH Ryan Garko, SS Jhonny Peralta, RF Shin-Soo Choo, 3B Casey Blake, C Kelly Shoppach, 2B Josh Barfield. LHP Cliff Lee (9-1, 2.45 ERA).

TIGERS (26-36): SS Edgar Renteria, 2B Placido Polanco, DH Marcus Thames, RF Magglio Ordonez, 1B Miguel Cabrera, 3B Carlos Guillen, C Brandon Inge, LF Brent Clevlen, CF Curtis Granderson. LHP Dontrelle Willis (0-0, 4.50).


  • Paul Byrd’s book, “Free Byrd,” will be released July 1. It is expected to include a chapter about his HGH use and the controversy that erupted before Game 7 of last fall’s ALCS.  
  • The six grand slams allowed by Indians pitchers this year are tied for second-most allowed in a season in club history since 1951. The 1963 team gave up eight, and the 1978 and 1980 teams gave up six each.
  • Lee is 33-18 in his career on the road.
  • Francisco is 1-for-his-last-15.
  • Blake is batting .319 (15-for-47) wiht three homers and 12 RBIs over his last 12 games.
  • Shoppach has just five hits in his last 37 at-bats.
  • Don’t forget about that American Red Cross blood drive taking place on the Gateway Place from noon to 8 p.m. ET Wednesday. You might get a free cookie. 


UPDATE: In case you’re planning out your week and need to mark this on your calendar, Jake Westbrook’s season-ending Tommy John surgery will take place Thursday in Los Angeles.


this was supposed to be the new world…

So I have been thinking about Interleague play recently, and I did a little research, and here is what I found…

I am hoping this is where the Indians can get it going. Here is some info on the four teams in the central not from Kansas City,
Cleveland, the 5 teams they will be playing are a combined 140-178, 38 games below .500. The best of which is the LA Dodgers, who are 3 games below .500.
Chicago W. Sox, 124-129 from four teams, combined 5 games below .500, and they have to play 6 against the Major League best Cubs.
Minnesota, 120-135, 15 games below .500, and while they have not been as hot latley, 3 of those games will be against division leading Arizona, while 6 will be against Milwaukee, meaning 9 of their 15 games will be against two teams who have a combined 67-60 record.
Detroit, 148-171 from five teams, 23 games below .500, with a 3 game series against St. Louis, who are 11 games over .500.

So it is very clear that on paper, Cleveland has the easiest schedule, and I think this would be the perfect time to make up some ground. With that, I also believe this is the make or break period, if we go 11-4 in Interleague, the season should look a lot better, but if we go .500 or worse, then its probably time to ship CC off.

Sizemore: batting .333 over the last 6 games. Yeah, id probably sit him too. Freaking Wedge. He’s throwing the season. Im convinced of it.

Csusi I think it has to do with Willis on the mound and Sizemore not being a great hitter against lefties.

I can also completely understand why Wedge would want to throw this season when it would hurt his job security. Very intelligent comment.

Detroit…Home of southern rock legend Bob Seger!

The Cleveland music scene still beats Pittsburgh…and that is all that matters…

P.S. Our QB is a better driver than Pittsburgh’s also.

But would anyone got the Rock N Roll HOF in Detroit?
I’m glad the series with the Tiggers is over – I don’t have to hear That Fan (That Guy’s brother) yell all our players’ names and ‘swing’ during the game broadcasts.

“go to” not “got”… sorry

indiansfan1234. Im gonna leave alone the temptation to start a feud. But, let me throw this one at ya, Its a joke there pal. Stay cool. And im aware of Grady’s inconsistent ways against lefties, but I dont see Willis as the normal overpowering left hander. Im just gonna leave it alone. Love ya indiansfan1234. Choose joy over the attempt to be a tough guy via blog. We’re in this together.

I made my way to Comerica for the first time last night. I must say, it is a nice park, but I will always be partial to the Jake. The hour rain delay was actually entertaining. I walked around and saw all the complaining, drunk tigers’ fans, since at this time we were up by 6 runs. I explored the park and would probably go back, but the walk back to the car in the dark was not the most pleasant experience…

It was great seeing those home runs, especially from Garko – only his second in the last 22 games. Nothing like running the D-Train off the tracks after only 1.1 innings.

Go Tribe!

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