Westbrook done for the year

Don’t have any details right now regarding surgery or anything of that nature. We’re going to speak with head trainer Lonnie Soloff in about 20 minutes. But for now I can tell you that Jake Westbrook’s season is over with that right elbow injury.

I’ll have more up on the site in the next hour or so.

UPDATE (2:46 p.m.): Soloff confirms that Westbrook will have Tommy John surgery performed by Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles in the next seven to 14 days. The optimistic hope is that he’ll be pitching in the big leagues again in the next 10-14 months. For more info, check out the site in a little bit.


This is a blow. Not that I don’t have faith in Sowers to step in and do a great job, but this certainly limits the Tribe’s offense if they start looking to make a deal as the season progresses. We can only hope that our offense really has turned the corner and this isn’t just a short burst.

David Huff’s performance last night in Buffalo was encouraging as far as our future depth is concerned.

So our theoretical 8 man rotation has two guys done for the season (Westbrook and Miller) and one on the DL until the end of the month (Carmona).


I suppose this wouldn’t be Indians’ baseball if it were easy…

Mr. Castrovince is there any word on travis hafner? Is his shoulder still hurting as bad? If it is do you think that maybe we have seen the last of Travis as an Indian.

The smoke signals are saying it is time to shop the big man. Westbrook is done. Who knows what Carmona will have when he gets off the DL. Victor is playing hurt and Pronk has plopped.

I agree, wouldnt this be catagorized as a “bad first half” that indians brass was talking about for a trade involving CC. What else can go wrong?

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