"There had to have been a second spitter… behind the bushes on the gravely road."

I'm not really much of a conspiracy theorist. As far as I'm concerned, the Apollo Moon Landing was not a NASA hoax, Paul is not dead and John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.


But in the interest of testing out that latter premise, I made my first pilgrimage to Dallas' Dealey Plaza today to see where, as Billy Joel would say, JFK was blown away. Texas native and blog favorite Jason Stein (better known as the "Master of Self-Promotion") was my tour guide.


Stein has sat through Oliver Stone's three-hour "JFK" movie, so he's considered an expert on this historical incident. (I, on the other hand, was somehow coaxed into sitting through the two and a half hour "Sex and the City" movie over the weekend, so I'm an unwilling expert on shoes and cosmopolitans).


Anyway, Stein insists Oswald was framed and government officials were behind the killing. I insist that no movie should last three hours and the JFK assassination museum shouldn't charge $13.50 for admission.


I guess we'll never know the real answer. Let's just blame it on John Wilkes Booth.


Here are tonight's lineups. Victor's back in there against the right-hander...


INDIANS (26-32): CF Grady Sizemore, LF Ben Francisco, C Victor Martinez, 1B Ryan Garko, SS Jhonny Peralta, DH David Dellucci, 3B Casey Blake, RF Shin-Soo Choo, 2B Asdrubal Cabrera. LHP Cliff Lee on the mound.


RANGERS (30-30): 2B Ian Kinsler, SS Michael Young, CF Josh Hamilton, RF Milton Bradley, LF Marlon Byrd, C Gerald Laird, DH Brandon Boggs, 1B Chris Shelton, 3B Ramon Vazquez. RHP Sidney Ponson pitching. He is 0-7 lifetime against the Tribe. 




  • The Indians aren't yet telling us what Jake Westbrook's MRI revealed. Westbrook will see elbow specialist Dr. Lewis Yocum in L.A. on Friday, and the Tribe will have an update on Saturday. The club doesn't seem very optimistic that Westbrook's time on the DL will be brief. Surgery is a possibility.
  • Milton Bradley is not a very popular guy in the Indians' clubhouse. He stared down Victor Martinez in the dugout after drawing a walk last night and again when he came around to score. And when he hit a homer off Rafael Perez, he made a yawning gesture while crossing the plate. 
  • Brian Slocum's move to the bullpen at Buffalo might seem performance-related, especially considering he gave up eight runs in his last start for the Bisons. But Slocum said he was told at the beginning of Spring Training that he would spend two months in the Buffalo rotation before moving to the 'pen. Injuries limited Slocum to just 26 innings for the Bisons last year, so the Tribe wants to be careful with his workload this year. he's been brought up to the bigs to provide length out of the 'pen.
  • The Indians renewed their player development contract with Class A Kinston. It now runs through 2010. The Tribe has had a farm team in Kinston since 1987. The contract with Buffalo runs out this year and hasn't been renewed, and that's viewed as a sure sign the club is moving its Triple-A operation to Columbus next season. 
  • Today marks the 34th anniversay of the famous "Ten Cent Beer Night." Ironically, the Indians played the Rangers that ill-fated night.
  • The Indians collected 10 or more hits in consecutive games for just the second time this season. If they get 10 hits tonight, it will be the first time all year they've done so in three straight.
  • Don't forget about tomorrow's First-Year Player Draft. MLB.com will have the pick-by-pick coverage. The Indians select 29th in the first round.
  • If you're interested in voting for Aaron Laffey as the AL Rookie of the Month for May, you can do so here.
  • Also, be sure to check out the latest edition of Game Face Magazine, which went live today.



Ironically, the Indians played the Rangers that ill-fated night.

What’s ironic about it? Does it have something to with drinking fly-filled Chardonnay on ten-cent beer night?

Well… they’re playing the Rangers tonight, too. Maybe that’s not ironic. But it is… something.


“In a quirky coincidence, the Indians played the Rangers that ill-fated night.”

I’m not usually quite this much of a persnicket, but I expect more from you, Mr. Professional Internet Writer Man…🙂

Give the guy a break, Castrovince’s just been listening to too much of his favorite artist, Alanis Morissette

If you’re expecting much more than what you’re getting, you’re going to be incredibly disappointed. But… excellent use of “persnicket.”


I’m not asking for Shakespeare or Joyce here (actually that would be really confusing — can you image if your game summaries were all stream of consciousness like Finnegan’s Wake? All iambic pentameter would be cool though — you should give it a try sometime)… just accurate use of words — especially words that normal people get wrong all the time. Just think of what kind of an example you’re setting for the kiddies….🙂

“Tonight on this, the fifth of June, aught eight
The tall one CC meets the Rangers’ bats
While Millwood (former Indian) counters him
Will th’offense of the last three nights keep up?
Or will the Tribal bats again go cold,
the victims of Sir Kevin’s wily arm?

Tune in at eight oh five on STO
(or MLB.com if out of town)”

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