Paging Josh Barfield?

Not that the Indians are dealing with a lot of injuries or anything, but…

Asdrubal Cabrera left tonight’s game in the middle of the fourth inning with what is being called a mild hip strain. He was replaced at second base by Jamey Carroll.

UPDATE: Looks like we can forget about that above page. Cabrera was feeling better after getting treatment on his hip, and Wedge expects him to be available Thursday.


I hope Josh doesn’t read your blog. The poor guy was probably already packing.

I get the feeling that the Mgt. has issues with Barfield & Marte.
For example, look at the parade of pitchers from around the globe that Wedgie “hope can do the job”, his words.

In fairness, to Marte, getting a game every 10 days and being pinch hit for in late innings is hardly an opportunity to demonstrate his ability, IMHO.
And if Barfield reads the box scores, and sees the results of Cabrera and Carroll, he probably wishes to be with another organization.

I won’t say I was hoping AC went on the DL, but I was hopeful Barfield would get a chance. I feel like he might be this year’s Asdrubal.

On a seperate note, living out here in LA I try to follow the Dodgers and in doing so I sometimes read Alyssa Milano’s blog and the comedy that ensues with the comment section. I’m amazed that you don’t get as many “xoxo”s at the end of all the replies to your blogs. Something to look into.

Your writing is great by the way.



With the Tribes struggles this year, do you see Shapiro bringing Lofton & Branyan on the scene a month earlier than normal this year?

Marte had a chance to prove his ability, playing 5 games between May 27 and June 3, and hit just .235 with 4 strikeouts and 0 walks in 17 AB. That’s bettter than the beginning of the year, but still pretty lame, considering his bad defensive performance. I wouldn’t be opposed to calling up Barfield, but his performance in Buffalo against AAA pitching (.264/.305/.398) isn’t that much better than Carroll’s in Cleveland (.228/.343/.283). I’ll give you Cabrera, although both Carroll and Cabrera are hitting better of late (.300 and .304 over their last 10 games, respectively).

Actually, Marte’s main opportunity to win the job was in Spring Training, when he showed up out of shape and then committed more errors than anyone else, all while not hitting. I know that it’s unfortunate that he hasn’t gotten any chances in the regular season, but that’s what Spring Training is for: to EARN those chances.

Still, it’s definitely a situation where the Tribe needs to sh*t or get off the pot, as they say.


Russell Branyan is garbage and will always be garbage. How could you want him on the team? He has a .230 career average. Oh and his AB:K ratio is 2.47:1. Great idea: another hitter that strikes out every other at-bat.

As for Lofton, or as I call him, K-Lo. I am his biggest fan. I drove to NY to see him, Philly, Pittsburgh, Chi-town you name it I’m glad he made one last stop in Cleveland , but why would he want to play for a team that disrespected him by not resigning him, for half a season, only to miss the playoffs?

People need to stop bringing up Lofton. Where were all you “fans” from November 5th 2001 to July 27th 2007?

Settle down Bobcat, it’s sarcasm.
I read all these little tweaks that the Tribe is making and it’s ticking me off. I agree on Lofton, he hasn’t recevived much respect other than from the fans. Read my other posts, Shapiro picking up Linton, Villasomething, Elarton, jerking the young players back and forth to Buffalo with one game shots. I do not find that good for them or the fans.
As for Branyan, Shapiro has signed him at least two times.
P.S. I have been an Indians fan since 1958 and this team frustrates me more than any team that played at Muni Stadium.

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