Bye Bye, Breslow

The Indians will cut ties with a player Friday to make room for Joe Borowski. It won’t be Michael Aubrey, and it won’t be Andy Marte. It will be seldom-used lefty reliever Craig Breslow, who made just seven appearances and went 0-0 with a 3.24 ERA in 8 1/3 innings of work.

Breslow was informed after Thursday night’s loss that he will be designated for assignment. The Indians will have 10 days to trade him, release him or outright him to the Minors.

“I would have liked to have played a more prominent role here,” Breslow said. “I don’t feel I was able to showcase my abilities. Hopefully things will work out somewhere else or here or whatever the case may be.”

So… the Indians are sticking with six relievers for the time being. Aubrey made a strong case for staying with the club by smacking two homers in his first two big-league starts. Marte? He’s, uh, still hanging around.

The blog will be out of service Friday. I’ll catch back up with you Saturday.



I am disappointed with this choice, I personally think one of Eric Wedge’s weakest points is his management and use of the bullpen. The same three or four guys, (Raffey R, Raffey L, Lewis and Joe Bo) were used non-stop last year, and this year it has been the same but replace Joe Bo with Masa. Then when Wedge doesn’t use someone like Breslow for 2 weeks, he expects him not to get hit around? Guess who has the best ERA out of the pen? Craig Breslow believe it or not (also about a strike out an inning), so I personally hope someone picks him up, because he deserves better than that, and Eric Wedge needs to stop using the same guys every single day, and then wondering why the guys who never pitch are no good when they come in, and why the guys he uses everyday, run out of steam come September/ October. I am not saying Breslow was the best pitcher in the bullpen, but if you barely give a guy a chance, and he still puts up the best numbers, how can you just give up on him?

Sorry to add more, but to add to my point about Wedge’s miss-use of the bullpen, Rafey L& R, Jensen and Masa have combined for 82 innings. Breslow, Julio, Mastny (in the minors) and Borowski (DL) have thrown 30 innings. Breslow and Julio have better ERA’s than 3 of the 4 guys used all the time, and they have to deal with not being used enough and having arms not ready for game use. I am not saying Wedge should be fired because of this, but I do think it is ridiculous, and one way or another, its going to burn the team come October.

What does anyone think of trying to move Peralta to third? Then placing Cabrera at SS, and Barfield at second. A better thought would be trading Peralta for Omar Vizquel.


I think it’s an okay move. As tough as we want to be on those in charge – we really don’t know exactly what they are dealing with. Seems to me like it might have been better to pick on someone else, but again – I don’t really know the whole story.


Since 2005 I have held the opinion that Wedge is not the solution to bringing us a World Series. For naysayers who would point to last year (because, argumentatively, we easily could have gotten one), the reality is that the Indians had “one of those years” last year not unlike the 2005 Whitesox where they got all the lucky bounces. It’s an inexplicable factor that, yes, just happens. We got to the ALCS despite Wedge’s coaching.

Wedge simply does not do all that it takes to win a game. Ron Gardenhauer (sp?) is the example of a coach that can get the most out of the talent he has (or doesn’t have). But, the troubles the Indians are having this year is not primarily on Wedge’s shoulders. Although I believe he does not play to win (by squeezing every run out he can), I question why the organization is being so patient with Derek Sheldon. Perhaps it is because he is “one of the guys” the way Eddie Murray never was. Or perhaps because his wife works for WTAM on the Mike Trivissono show. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to deny that the team as a whole is struggling to hit. What do they all have in common? A hitting instructor.

Derek Sheldon may be a talented instructor, but sometimes you simply need fresh blood and new eyes to help correct a problem. The Indians were not this patient with Murray, and if you recall, when they brought in fresh blood then (Derek Sheldon) it paid dividends nearly immediately. Derek Sheldon needs to go.

I don’t think Peralta to 3rd is an answer as badly as I want to see AC (the other one Anthony) at short. I think they need to make a multi-player deal for a guy like Blalock and shake things up. Quit screwing arounf with Marte. Maybe Shelton needs to go…

Bringing in a 40 yr old short stop in Vizquel is not the answer. Watch for Jason Bay or Brian Giles name to get floated around.

What about Felix Fermin?

Here’s the solution, invent a time machine. Go back to Spring 2006, and show Wedge a printout of Brandon Phillips’ stats for the past 3 years. Wedge keeps Phillips, which means Shapiro doesn’t trade Kouzmanoff to San Diego for Barfield. We have Kouzmanoff at 3rd, Phillips at SS and Cabrera 2B. Peralta was traded 2 years ago to the Red Sox, along with Marte, for … I don’t know, maybe Jacoby Ellsbury … the Indians are in 1st place

Trade Peralta and Sowers to Baltimore for Roberts….Marte should have started at 3rd since April or send him thru waivers. No reason to have him sitting and not getting AB’s. I used to respect the decisions of this organization, but this year has been unbearable…..look at the # of AB’s Phillips and Marte actually got in the majors and the # of starts Guthrie. WHen they go elsewhere and get a chance in the bigs, they are productive. The management of young players in this organization couldn’t be much worse the last 3 years.

why not send Down Travis hafner. Give him a chance to raise his batting average to .300 before you call him up. This way, I believe that you are actually able to reduce his salary, right? For a DH, he is putting up minor league numbers, DH,s don’t struggle to hit .230, and even 1/3 of last years homerun output is 8? He has 4 this year? Let him work his way ut of his funk in Buffalo, or Akron, or even Kingston, not here. It is he who is bringing down the entire team. Next One to go, jorge Julio

Hey Anthony,
This is typical of Wedgie, he has his favorites and hangs with them and talent frits away.
I bet Breslow could pitch better than Julio. Also, are
you telling me that Marte has been given a chace, I have to believe he can hit .170.

I see they are going to activate Borowski – are there any plans to ACTIVATE Hafner,Garko,Blake,Martinez and Peralta?

Wouldn’t these guys look good, now:
Phillips 2B
Church RF
Kouzmanoff 3B
If people do some homework, they will give Shapiro a D for all his moves. He is a contract bean counter. Don’t confuse Hart’s late moves as part of the Shapiro leadership. Shapiro’s track record is poor.

Next time you see Shapiro, tell him I want a full refund on my Directv MLB package.


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