Joe Bo update…

Closer Joe Borowski made what is expected to be his last rehab appearance tonight at Double-A Akron, against Altoona. He went one inning, giving up one hit and striking out a batter. He threw 21 pitches, 12 of which were strikes.

Joe Bo was topping out around 85-86 mph.

This is my second time throwing to hitters,” Borowski told the Akron Beacon Journal. “Each time you throw, your muscles become memory again and you get that free-and-easy feeling. I felt a big improvement just from the other day.”


Its seems kind of strange that he is being declared healthy after picking up only 1 to 2 mph on his fastball. He was throwing 84 when he went on the DL. That being said, he can’t do any worse in the ninth than what is being put out their right now. We don’t ever score enough runs to be ahead be enough that the closer doesn’t have to be brought in, so I see our 9th inning struggles continuing.

we’re horrible.

Great. Any chance we will be picking up anyone to help him out? Seems like it would be nice to have another closer (similar to the mindset of the Foulke/Blowrowski 2007 approach). He seems like a nice enought guy but will the Indians ever realize he had a carreer year last year and this year we need some more help in relief and offensively.

The thing about last year is Joe was usually in up by 2 or 3 runs, and he had a knack for giving up 1 run when down by 2, and 2 runs when down by 3. I agreed with keeping him in that role last year, Betancourt and Perez and the Indians’ offense allowed him to go in with leads that a pitcher with average stuff could protect. Being that the team hasn’t scored more than 4 runs since may 10th, expect to see more 1-2 run leads if he gets in. Borowski throwing 85 m.p.h fastballs and curveballs in the dirt and 1 run leads = guaranteed blown saves. I vote for trading/releasing Borowski, giving Kobayashi a few more shots, and they could try Adam Miller into this role. I keep seeing articles that suggest the Indians bullpen woes will be solved when Borowski returns… but the only 2 guys in the bullpen with an era over 4 are Betancourt 6.88 and Borowski clocking in at 18.00

I think Doug Jones is available.

The return of JoBo will allow everyone in the bullpen to return to their regularly scheduled roles. For some reson, the Tribe ‘pen thrives in the roles they have been assigned but blow up in any other situation. Look at it this way, you’re the best mechanic at the local garage, but how would you fare in a NASCAR garage? Same job, but the pressure is not what you are used to.

Betancourt was struggling before he went to closer, he continued to struggle after he became closer, and he’ll probably continue to struggle at setup again. Kobayashi had one good outing closing when he picked up Betancourt, and one bad outing. I’d like to see him given more of a chance. He has experience closing, so there’s no reason to think he can’t handle it. I just don’t see Borowski as an option at all. He’s not deceptive to begin with, and he throws everything between 78-85mph now

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