Adam Raised a Cain

Some people think children are a window into the grace and innocence of the world.

Other people just think they are a great way to score autographs.

Some overzealous dad was using his kid as autograph bait by the dugout a few minutes ago. This happens often, but this guy really had a gameplan going.

With his kid — who I’m guessing was about 5 years old — by his side, this guy stood at the side of the Tribe dugout with a huge sign that read, “Mr. Hafner, Can I Please Have Your Autograph?” But here’s the genius part… the top half of the sign was changeable. It was like the signs they use to advertise gas prices. When Grady Sizemore walked by, the guy flipped the sign to read, “Mr. Sizemore, Can I Please Have Your Autograph?” And a close inspection revealed that a third alternative was written out for Jermaine Dye.

The kid covered his bases, too. He wore a White Sox hat and a Hafner T-shirt. When Grady walked by, he quickly threw on a Sizemore jersey. In fact, now that I think about it, this might not have been a kid at all. It’s possible it was a midget memorabilia hound.

Let’s get to the lineups. Mike Aubrey’s in there again, as Garko continues to struggle.

INDIANS (22-23): CF Grady Sizemore, RF Ben Francisco, DH Travis Hafner, C Victor Martinez, LF David Dellucci, SS Jhonny Peralta, 1B Mike Aubrey, 3B Casey Blake, 2B Asdrubal Cabrera. RHP Paul Byrd on the mound, gunning for his 100th career victory.

WHITE SOX (24-20): SS Orlando Cabrera, C A.J. Pierzynski, LF Carlos Quentin, RF Jermaine Dye, DH Jim Thome, 1B Paul Konerko, 3B Joe Crede, CF Nick Swisher, 2B Alexei Ramirez. RHP Javier Vazquez on the mound.


  • Shin-Soo “Big League” Choo is hot at Triple-A Buffalo. He went 3-for-5 with a homer in the Bisons’ 6-5 loss to the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs last night. He’s hit safely in three straight (6-for-11 in that span) and is now hitting .353 (6-for-17) in five games on his rehab assignment. Choo, coming back from Tommy John surgery on his left elbow, will join the Indians when the assignment is up on June 3.
  • Right-hander Adam Miller is also on fire. He gave up just two hits with three walks and four strikeouts in five scoreless innings in that Bisons’ loss. Over his last three starts, he is 0-1 with a 1.13 ERA. I say bring him up and toss him in the bullpen, but what do I know? (Don’t answer that).
  • There was an error in the notes yesterday that led to an error in my game story. The Indians have had 24 games (or 53 percent of the season) with three runs or less, not 25. They are 6-18 in those games.
  • On the injury front, strength and conditioning coach Tim Maxey isn’t on this trip. He just had his knee scoped back home. Apparently it’s an old high school football injury. Here’s wishing him a quick recovery.
  • The Tribe’s team OPS of .676 is the worst in the AL.



With all the “up and coming” players in the Tribe’s farm it is nerve racking to hear of possible moves. You trade a prospect and he will FOR SURE bloom into a B. Phillips but you trade a starter and he will stop slumping and hit 40 out, I guarantee it. (think The Mens Warehouse) I cant wait to see Gut or Fransisco become a great platoon players somewhere else or Laffey/Miller win 18 with a rival. Or maybe we will get off the Delluccis Hoochie’s bandwagon and he will hit (what was it?) 28 HR again. We are between a rock and hard place, so glad I am not responsible. I get to complain or take credit (it was MY idea) for any decision they make!

Anthony – What’s your take on leaving Gark out recently? I don’t really get it, to be honest. I mean, let’s face it, hardly anyone is producing offensively and if you look at our entire team (all who have played at least 30 games+), Gark actually has the third highest batting average on the team with a .248, slightly under Grady who is hitting a .254 right now:

G Sizemore: .254 | J Peralta: .219 | T Hafner: .222 |
R Garko: .248 | V Martinez: .304 | C Blake: .229 |
A Cabrera: .175 | F Gutierrez: .230 | D Dellucci: .230

Also, his defense has improved this year — he’s made some very impressive plays (and an error, grant it, but still) — He’s looking leaner and stronger…I just don’t get benching him. I think he’s the least of our concerns right now. He should be allowed to continue improving defensively and he has proven that he can be a force at the plate — this ‘slump’ has affected almost everyone…let’s hope its over soon!

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