A couple things from postgame today…

First off, OF Jason Tyner will be designated for assignment tomorrow to make room for LHP Jeremy Sowers, who is needed for Friday’s spot start against the Reds. The happiest recipient of that news is Aaron Laffey, who pitched so well in place of Jake Westbrook that he’ll remain here for at least another week. Laffey will either start next Thursday in Chicago or Friday in Cleveland.

Also… Eric Wedge tends to do things by the book, which is what made his decision to pull Betancourt and insert Kobayashi in the ninth today so intriguing. But Wedge said he had not had time to ponder what that move means for the closer’s job. Still, it was pretty telling that he wasn’t willing to stick with Betancourt with the bases loaded there. As speculated yesterday, it appears Masa is pitching himself into that ninth-inning job.


How about a little spell of Buffalo Cure for Asdrubal Cabrera until he works himself out of the slump. Barfield is hitting now. What do you think?

Barfield’s hitting .250 in Triple-A. It’s bad enough we have to watch Marte throw his bat at the ball for another month til Choo gets back. Cabrera has been clutch and is more versatile in the field than Barfield. Don’t fix what aint broke.

last week cabrera batted 277. which is an upside. he’s unreal in the field. i think he’s one of those players that we need to wait a bit on before we make decisions. id be the first to say, “send him down, let him work it out there” but i do think asdrubal has something special in him as a second baseman.

and when it comes to kobayashi- for the sake of the indians and for the sake of keeping a 9th inning leads and for the sake of my fantasy team where i just picked him up, bring on koba.

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