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It’s a non-mailbag Monday, but let’s take a few questions, because, in the words of that great unknown 20th Century poet, Newman,…


With Jake Westbrook looking to come off of the DL soon, and with Aaron Laffey’s strong numbers, what is the plan for the rotation? Does Laffey have a shot of staying with the big team? — Chris R., Joplin, Mo.


Forget about Westbrook for a moment, because the Indians are first going to have a decision to make with their rotation later this week. As a result of Sunday's rainout and the lack of an off day until the 19th, Jeremy Sowers will be called up to make the start Friday in Cincinnati. But because of that off day, Laffey wouldn't be needed until the 24th. It's possible the Indians will stick with Sowers and send Laffey back down, depending on how things shake out. Eric Wedge said he'd have more of an idea on how this will work in about two days.


The Indians hope to have Westbrook back by the end of the month. If that's the case, the fifth guy -- Laffey or Sowers -- would presumably be bumped. But I can't help but wonder if Paul Byrd, who has struggled to keep the ball in the park this season, might find himself on the trading block at some point, given that his contract will be up at year's end and Laffey and Sowers have both given reason to believe they can be successful up here. Just a thought.


Why is it that since the name change, it’s as if Jacobs Field never existed? For example, the article about Jason Tyner’s call-up references that he hit his first career home run at Progressive Field last year with the Twins, and I’ve seen a few other examples of this on STO this year, as well. I’m pretty sure that it was still Jacobs Field when all this stuff happened. — Joe M., Akron, Ohio


I'm with you, Joe. This bugs me, too. I personally don't see anything wrong with saying "at Jacobs Field," because that was, after all, the ballpark's name at the time. But in an effort to honor the spirit of the name change, in my articles, I've tried to address the problem by referring to it as "the ballpark formerly known as Jacobs Field" when referencing a pre-2008 event. But that runs the risk of being overly wordy (like most of what I write). I guess the safest bet would be to say "in Cleveland." Anyway, this is just one of life's many small annoyances.


Why don’t we get the daily Tribe notes this season? I miss the reports on the Minor Leagues. — Mitch S., Monsey, N.Y


Glad you asked, Mitch, because I've been meaning to address this. This season, did away with the notebooks as we once knew them. Instead of filing one pregame notebook that rounds up the daily happenings with the club, our writers are doing separate stories, each of which get a headline, thus making it easier for you to follow what's going on.


Of course, some of the daily minutia of what transpires with the team isn't necessarily worthy of separate headlines, which is a big part of the reason I started this blog.


And as for the Minor League roundups that I used to put in my daily notes, those have actually improved. Our crew has begun posting daily team-by-team roundups, which are easily accessible from the team home page. If you check out the "News and Notes" section of the site, under "Features," there's a link to this roundup. Here is today's, as an example.


I don’t think there is anything earthshaking that the Indians can do about the offensive doldrums. It will require small solutions and patience. But one thing that wouldn’t hurt is to use CC as a PH once in a while. Betcha he could do better than some of the struggling guys at the plate.
Friedy, ex-Clevelander in Israel

I have to agree with you about Paul Byrd, and in fact I discussed that with some people yesterday. I am sure the Indians also would not even consider trading Laffey or Sowers, as both those guys may be in the rotation opening day next year. And while I respect the fact that it is not usually in a team’s interest to trade low, at some point something needs to be done about the Andy Marte situation.

Couldn’t find your email so I thought I’d ask here… were my eyes deceiving me or is that really a new bat that Pronk was using yesterday? Looked like he traded in the blue and red w/gold band for an all black w/white banded Rawlings. He must be at wits end with this slump if its forced him to trade in his lumber.

Soon to be fellow Ohio U Alum

Cody… Pronk uses three different types of bats… Rawlings, Sam Bats and Mizuno.~AC

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