J-Mike to the Burgh

The Indians have found a taker for Jason Michaels, who was designated for assignment Tuesday. The Tribe is sending J-Mike and cash to the Pirates for a player to be named. Michaels is making $2.15 million this season. The Indians are on the hook for most of that contract. I don’t know the deadline yet for the player to be named.


Just in: the player to be named is…Don Slaught.

All I have to say is, “Glory, hallelujah.”

Can we get Andy Van Slyke instead?

Andy Van Slyke – isn’t coaching 1st or 3rd for the Tigers?

im hoping for bonilla.

im hoping for bonilla. yeah, thats right, bobby bonilla.

I am enjoying the absence of Barry Bonds from this list of early 90s Pirates we would like to have.

I used to live in Buffalo…I have to go with Orlando Merced. He was one of my favorite Bisons before Cleveland took over the team.

How about SS Dick Groat, namesake of “Groat’s Syndrome”? (for all you Curb Your Enthusiasm fans out there)

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